More Speakers Added to 2017 Summit Lineup

ecoAmerica has confirmed five new national leaders as guest speakers for the American Climate Leadership Summit, its marquee event. The summit, to be held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., is the nation’s largest gathering to broaden and activate climate leadership and galvanize support for solutions. This year’s theme, Taking Up the Mantle, expects to draw over 350 leaders from the health, faith, and local communities sectors, and includes breakout sessions for each sector as well.

The speakers are:

Hon. John Dickert, President and CEO,Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

Ira Ehrenpreis (Keynote speaker), Board Member, Tesla Motors; DBL General Partner; Technology Partners

Prof. John Fernandez, Director, Environmental Solutions Initiative, MIT

Sara Hill, Secretary of Natural Resources, Cherokee Nation

Matt Zone, President and Councilmember, National League of Cities

A Taste of What’s to Come

Each year’s gathering builds on the ideas and work of previous ones while adding timely new perspectives. Watch the video below for highlights of the 2016 summit, held at George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. The event convened 200+ diverse, CEO-level leaders from the worlds of business, health, faith, higher education, communities, government, culture, philanthropy, and climate science under the theme Climate Solutions.

These presentations, and the conversations that followed, culminated in a Recommendations Report. The report summarizes the sessions, keynote speakers, strategy meetings, and key opportunities each sector identified for expanding, accelerating, and increasing their impact as climate leaders.

Some of the sessions at this year’s summit will include:

  • Session II: Leading the Way: Top climate NGO leaders will reveal their strategies for moving America forward on climate solutions amidst an adverse federal administration.
  • Session III: Justice & Inclusion: National leaders will talk about accelerating climate justice, inclusion, just transition, and intergenerational equity for climate.
  • Session IV: New Frontiers of Climate Action: The climate movement gets relevant with new perspectives and tactics from a new generation of leaders.
  • Collaborative breakout sessions on gaining public support for climate solutions, justice and inclusion, and new frontiers of climate action.

The Summit is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please email Ashley Lane at Registration is now open!

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Originally published at on September 14, 2017.

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