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Discover OpenStax with ecoText
Discover OpenStax with ecoText

The ecoText team is excited to announce an official partnership with OpenStax, one of the largest publishers of openly licensed textbooks in the world. OpenStax, like ecoText, is transforming learning by allying with educational resource companies to reduce common barriers to education such as price and accessibility. They currently have over 4 million students using their titles and have saved 1.2 billion dollars for students since 2013.

Why OpenStax?

OpenStax is committed to improving access to quality learning materials. As an ed-tech initiative that is part of Rice University and supported by philanthropic foundations, OpenStax provides free college and Advanced…

A discussion about strengthening the student and professor feedback loop

There’s an exciting new event for the academic community. Join ecoText and OpenStax for a co-hosted panel discussion-style webinar titled “Unlocking the Comment Section: strengthening the student and professor feedback loop”, on April 8, 2021.

ecoText is a virtual learning platform that allows students and professors to access textbooks and other resources for free. In addition to offering affordable, accessible materials, ecoText puts emphasis on the importance of collaborative learning. Interactive citation capabilities and streamlined commenting functionality allow readers to interact with others within the ecoText community.

OpenStax is committed…

This past year has been a difficult one for people and small businesses alike. Despite these challenges, we strive to create accessible and affordable educational resources through the work we do at ecoText. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for academia to embrace innovation and continue providing quality learning to their students.

These trying times have not only caused a restructure in education but also a shift for small businesses. U.S. Senators Maggie Hassan (D-NH) and Mike Braun (R-IN) recently introduced bipartisan legislation, the Recovery Startup Assistance Act, to support entrepreneurship through COVID-19. We are humbled and excited to…

Wherever the classroom may be…

ecoText and the UNH Alumni Association are excited to co-host, Leveraging Modern Digital Tools to Optimize Learning.

In dramatically changing times in our society, academia is a world that has been greatly impacted. With the uncertainty that we may feel in our collective futures, it is important to provide reassurance by equipping our academic institutions with the tools they need to properly prepare our leaders of tomorrow. ecoText is excited to share its insights on the changing landscape of academia and how we can work to maintain the standard of education that has made our…

Dear ecoText Friends, Family, and Supporters

The ecoText team, like the rest of the nation, is stunned by the tragic death of George Floyd. The racism and police brutality that we have seen cannot be ignored. We want to share our deepest condolences to George Floyd’s family and stand with those who are using their first amendment right to share their pain, their frustration, and to demand justice.

ecoText stands united against racism, violence, and discrimination. As a company, we pride ourselves on the diverse and inclusive community we have built. We are committed to representing the society we envision in our company’s culture, ethics, and…

by Christina Broderick

Before you move any further with this post, I want you to take a few seconds to breathe. No, seriously. Stop scrolling.

Inhale slowly and deeply for

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

and exhale for

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

As I write this for you, I realized that we can spend so much time talking

about COVID-19 — what to do, what not to do, worrying that sometimes we just need to

B R E A T H E.

As the world is shifting and changing, it can feel difficult to find your footing, especially while…


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