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It has been proven time after time that any economy is driven from the bottom, where most of the people are. Corporations know this and sell toothpaste to them, cheap cars and beer. They also know that employment in that area puts cash into circulation to buy those commodities and that cash builds and rises up the economic column to where the top executives are. How We Can Transition to a “Bottom Up” Economy by Chuck Collins.

Extractive capitalism, in the sense that wealth is extracted from an economy and is often formed around the extractive industries, exacerbates poverty, is the cause of climate change and is the real cause of social upheaval and terrorism. William Morris, Extraction Capitalism, and the Aesthetics of Surface by Elizabeth Carolyn Miller. Moreover, it is an old 18th to 20th century system of economic management that is crumbling under social networking and will soon be extinct. Trump want to continue this practice, despite its near demise.

Trump is a classic example of extractive capitalism; a billionaire that is trying to reboot extractive coal and other fossil fuels as a mainstay to the US economy. Trump Pushes Coal Mining in Roadless Forest Days after Repudiating.

To give tax breaks to wealthy corporations is counter-productive because it stays at the top and is creamed off by top executives. The repeal of Obamacare for the new GOP health bill, for example, will give a $600 billion tax cut to the rich, while reducing services for the poor and leaving 22 million without healthcare insurance.The ACHA Bill Is a Tax Cut for Rich Americans — The Atlantic

Trump also will not show his tax returns (a prerequisite to his Presidency) because, apart from showing his possible links with Russia, will likely show he pays little or no tax, or could it be he is insolvent? Will Trump ever release his tax returns? White House won’t say

Large corporations employ teams of accountants to manipulate the figures and offset profits by placing them offshore or investing in overseas projects. The top companies allow senior executives stock options to offset billions in tax, which puts large holes in the economy Tax Breaks From Options a Windfall for Businesses — The New York. It all adds up to a lot of money staying at the top and virtually zero reaches the bottom.

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