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It is hard to shift the impression, put in place by corporate interests of so long ago. First, the newspaper industry in the US, which owned vast acreages of timber plantations for fibre, put out a scare campaign about Marijuana being the drug of the devil that would destroy the nation’s youth. Then the vast corporate interests of companies like Dupont, wanting to preserve the hydrocarbon industry and in particular, Nylon.

It was never about the narcotic use of the plant, which was exploited by just about every religion for centuries, in thuribles to burn incense. They needed something to make the congregation feel happy and spiritual and to remain interested.

Hemp was likely the mana from heaven given to Moses in the desert. It is interesting to read they were only allowed one meal per day and that would be taken at night, after working. Because the safety was a day of no work, they could have two meals, one in the morning and one at night. Think about it… And what did they get up to when Moses climbed the mountain that made him angry enough to smash the stone commandments?

Commercial hemp is one clear answer to climate change. Hempcrete TM. will continue to extract carbon from the air whilst breathing out oxygen for decades. A building constructed from this material requires only 20 minutes of either heating or cooling per 24 hours. Hemp can replace the steel in car bodies making them lighter and therefore more fuel efficient and hemp can make bio-fuels. It is an excellent protein substitute for meat, which lowers methane emissions and makes more paper per acre than trees, by far. Pity the French police didn’t know that.

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