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John, you are cherry picking. Nobody who has any interest in climate change cites Al Gore. As I recall, his almost 3-hour film is more about him than the climate. The only real contribution is that he made people look at the issue.

Of course the IPCC will not agree with Al Gore, they are scientists and take a scientific approach to their research. There are scientists from 179 countries and depite political pressure upon them to dum down their reports they still are finding that we are close to and in some cases past tipping points.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a place I know well. I worked out there and was fortunate to see it when it was mostly in good shape. Over the short space of just the last two years two thirds of the reef has bleached. Granted, there are some areas to the cooler south that have had some recovery but experts believe the vast majority will remain white and completely devoid of living coral for the foreseeable future. When I worked out there we had only one area, nicknamed “The Temple of Doom” out towards Cod Hole where the Giant Potato Cod swim. That area was bleached white and no fish swan their. It was quite deoressing. Elsewhere, the reef was about the most beautiful place I have ever been and I was privileged to be out there every day and get paid.

What I find so disturbing is that you have devoted so much time to try and refute evidence that climate change exists, based on non-scientific claims. I believe in science and respect the women and men who have devoted their lives to protecting this planet and the human race from the catastrophes that will ensue if we do not address climate change. The only people who have an agenda on not mitigating climate change are the large corporations, especially the fossil fuel industry. Are you part of that group? If so, why? Do you have a family? Do you love your family? Do you care about their future?Those are the questions you should be asking yourself.

If I and all the 100’s of thousands of scientists, informed polititions and other experts are wrong about climate change then at least you will leave a cleaner planet for the next generations. If all the above mentioned are right Your children and their children will suffer. Is it worth that just to make money or worse still, just to make a point?

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