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Over the past six months we have listened to threats, excuses and plenty of Orwellian double-speak. Trump says one thing, Congress says another and then they reverse the order and each says the opposite. Just when you think there is some sort of settling amongst the GOP, we go back to the very arguments that they started out with, the arguments that were proven frivolous and unfounded then are being raised again. This is a government that is having difficulty passing any sort of legislation because its members either can’t agree with each other or the bill is too damaging to the electorate. With that in mind, the prudent might think they really don’t need another enquiry, but no. They wish to tie up congress for another year or two in a full and deep enquiry into a nonsense myth, put out by the Kremlin. Then, when pushed as to why they achieved nothing in their first term they will likely blame the Democrats for forcing them to hold that enquiry. It could be a blessing in disguise however and the US could be grateful that while these juveniles squabble and don’t pass any legislation the the status quo continues and Trump does not get to wind back any more of the legislation put in place by Obama. One can only hope.

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