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The world has realised that despite there being lots of coal in the ground, it will likely stay there. The basic fact that coal is predominantly carbon and that burning it produces CO2 is understood by the majority of countries, of companies and of politicians, globally.

Economics have shown that renewables outstrip coal for cheaper energy production, regardless of the fact that renewables is a higher employer.

Amazingly, Trump actually believes he can turn back the clock to a time of ignorance, of apathy, when we knew no better and that labour was cheap. A time when men were dispensible and things like occupational health and safety did not exist. At the stroke of his magic pen, he feels he has some sort of super power that can change the world. In some ways he is right; he can tweet us into world war three and nuclear annihilation.

Trump and many of his cronies live in a different world to the rest of us. A world of privilege, of decadence and of avarice and that magic scribe is ever at the ready to make many poor lives a lot worse. We have seen the results and the reaction from the American people. The global population has reacted also; we are not mere spectators.

There are some in Trump’s own party who have reacted to thwart the many embarrassing gaffs and on-the-run policy changes.

We are rapidly reaching the point where Trump becomes irrelevant and maybe the wall can be built around Trump himself as a sort of asylum with no access to twitter, the Cremlim or the world.

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