Bootcamp challenges and how I have adapted in the last few weeks

courtesy of rubinuvia

My experience thus far in the boot camp can be described as both challenging and an eye-opener to standard processes, modern workflows, and tools. In the morning, you are given a lecture, then you have a brief with your learning facilitation assistant (LFA), participate in peer learning and must submit a blog post by 5:00 pm. It is highly demanding, you have to be full of energy and have multitasking skill to be able to deliver your tasks for the day.

Honestly speaking, I am not choked by the pressure because I have previously worked in a similar environment that demands one hundred percent output from you daily if you want to have a work-life balance. By this, I mean you close early if you work efficiently and there is no mistake at the end of the day when you are reconciling your figures.

So far, I have been able to adapt by formulating the following strategies.


On getting home in the evening after closing of boot camp, I quickly take a shower and sleep for about two hours. Once I wake up, I usually feel refresh, re-energize and motivated to work on my project.


The boot camp slack channel has been very helpful in unblocking areas where I am having difficulty. In most cases, someone might have already asked a similar question I wanted to ask and received an answer. In other instances, articles shared in the channel may just provide a solution to a grey area.

This approach worked for me and has helped me adapt quite well to the boot camp demands.