My Experience in Bootcamp so far

It’s day four of Andela Bootcamp and the experience is awe-inspiring. My perspective about software development has broadened. I will definitely emerge a better developer compare to what I used to be before boot camp.

Collaborating with my teammates and fellow boot campers, consulting online articles, and using Google to search for answers has been a routine for the past four days. Thanks to StackOverflow that provided me with a solution when I was to deploy my App to the server.

I learn a whole new way of using Git called Gitflow Workflow and how to use a project management tool called Pivotal Tracker to manage my project.

Worthy of note is my Learning Facilitation Assistant (LFA) level of attention to details. His feedback made me more creative and eventually build a User Interface with a good look and feel.

Though at first, things look challenging, I quickly developed a growth mindset and this has helped me to scale the hurdles as they present themselves. In all my experience has been a positive one.