Stolen Election: Here’s How

Donald Trump didn’t win the Presidency, he stole it. Before Nov. 8th, Trump claimed that the “election would be rigged”. This was not only to fire up his base — but to deflect suspicion that the “surprising Nov. 8th outcome” would be due to Republican dirty tricks. Here’s the list of Republican voter suppression tactics, see #12 for the 2016 election kicker:
#1-Contesting and gutting key provisions of the Voting Rights Act 
#2-Aggressive redistricting/gerrymandering
#3-Onerous and punitive voter ID rules targeting the poor, elderly, African-Americans, Hispanic, and Asian-Americans, etc.
#4-Reduced voter poll hours and days
#5-Sending voters to the wrong places to vote
#6-Broken and non-functioning machines
#7-Not enough ballots
#8-Fewer machines in Democratic-leaning districts
#9-Outright voter intimidation 
#10-Shunting voters to provisional ballots that won’t be counted
#11-Insecure and hack-able electronic voting software — still in use!

And the winning strategy to ensure EC votes went to Trump?
#12-. Outright purging of the voter rolls and caging.
With this (see Palast research below) and the help of “insecure voting software/machines” — the Republican bid for power succeeded.

Check out these links/research:
1) The Election Was Stolen — Here’s How.
November 11, 2016. Investigative journalist Greg Palast details how a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach created a system called “Crosscheck” to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP-controlled states.

2) Election Day Voters Report Long Lines, Confusion, Intimidation in Some Parts of the Country — November 8, 2016, Washington Post. Mark Berman, William Wan, and Sari Horowitz detail wide-ranging problems in key battleground states including Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.

3) Premier Elections Solutions — Wikipedia summary notes: “Since 2009, insecure systems were used in 1,400 jurisdictions in 33 states, serving nearly 28 million people.” The same systems were still in use in most states in the 2016 election according to Balletopia. To see methods and equipment used in your state: https://ballotpedia.or/Voting_methods_and_equipment_by_state

State rule/gerrymandering > Senate/House seats > Judgeships = White House. After Obama was elected, the strategy of Karl Rove and friends (A.L.E.C., RNC, and the national business chamber of commerce, etc.) was to go after State houses aggressively and in 2010, they gained 660 seats. This led to more U.S. Senate and Rep “wins”. Next consolidate power by re-making laws in state-after-state (A.L.E.C.-style), target judge seats and independent watch dogs, and use select states — Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas — to field-test and refine strategies. Last year in Wisconsin, the emboldened Gov. Scott Walker even sought to scrap the state’s independent Government Accountability Board that enforces campaign finance, elections, ethics, and lobbying laws!! Now it’s onto the White House and the mess we’re in.

A Voting System We CANNOT Trust. I’m not a “conspiracy-leaning” person and don’t dismiss Trump, Bernie supporter concerns and the red-state/blue state divisions. But for the reasons listed, I don’t buy the results of this election or trust the voting system millions depend on. If Trump’s talk about election rigging was to deflect suspicion, we’ve been played. This hand. But not for long.

Let’s send Trump and his enablers into “padded” retirement! Let’s demand a thorough, serious investigation, and sustained visible and public efforts to hold people accountable and bring integrity back into the system. Check out the links and then send this out to everyone you know.

One last note: America’s media is consolidated under 6 corporate owners. don’t believe the hype/echo chamber about an angry minority of (uneducated) white people speaking for all of us or being the reason Trump “won”. Not true.

Additional References
1- “Putting the Polling Miss of 2016 in Perspective — 11/13/2016 — New York Times, The Upshot

2- Premier Election Solutions Wikipedia summary with extensive links to references. Also see documentaries “Hacked Democracy” and “Stealing America: Vote by Vote”.


4- “When all the ballots are counted, “Hillary Clinton will have won the popular vote by a margin that could exceed 2 million votes”, and she is on track to have received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama. … The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately. Every American should be guaranteed that their vote counts.” Check out the latest state-by-state popular-vote count below.” — Senator Barbara Boxer