International Female Ride Day — a celebration!

Female Riders from India and abroad assemble for a Photo Opportunity

More and more women are finding new ways to unleash their creativity and experience the freedom and independence. Whether it is for spirituality, confidence, strength or community, the number of women motorcyclists ~(riders) is increasing every single year. I had the chance to witness and be a part of one such recent event in the city of Hyderabad.

This trend is true for India too. Back in the 80s as we faintly remember, there were next to none women riding on the streets. Today we see women brimming with passion about motorbiking and encouraging each other by way of forming communities. Such a biking community in India is ‘The Bikerni’ with more than 1,500 active women only members across India, it’s a encouraging sign of the times of come.

2017 marked the 5th year for the Hyderabad Bikerni Chapter to celebrate the International Female Ride Day and they thought of making it special than before. Women of all ages joined in from across India to celebrate this day in great spirit. Passion and high energy fuelling their motorcycles, all set for the morning and midnight ride to the Charminar. From Royal Enfield to Harley Davidson, these women were about to make a mark in their own way. There was a sense of camaraderie and trust in the group which made me realise the strength and potential of women standing together, all for one purpose~To Ride!

Riding is like meditation whether it is a short weekend ride to gain the sanity back from the busy lives they live or the All India expeditions for which they practice and train for months together. We at EcoHunters were extremely proud to experience a day packed with excitement and fervour on 6th May which happens to be the International Female Ride Day. This day was born with the purpose of emphasizing the fact that many women ride and enjoy motorcycling at all levels. It is the largest campaign, the only campaign in the world for women riders.

At 8 AM in the morning, the roads of Hyderabad were taken over by these beautiful women, holding their heads high and united for one purpose — Riding Together.. This was followed by a Self-Defense class focusing on how to keep oneself safe while riding from one place to another.

Anita Mohiniyattam performing Om Namah Shivaya

Some of these bikers came forward to entertain us in the evening with dance, music and poetry. Hyderabad Bikerni member, Anita Peter who is a mother, a trained dancer and a theatrist performed Lord Shiva’s Om Namah Shivaya. To several people who believe that biking could make one lose one’s grace, Anita was able to prove them wrong. Trust me — Anita Mohiniyattam’s performance was a delight and her expressions spot on :)

Limca Record Holder — Moksha Jetley, Margharita Zunita from Qatar, Jilmil Bhuyan were honoured for being an example for fellow women bikers and breaking stereotypes in the Indian landscape of Motorbiking. The evening ride promoted the safety for women by spreading the message “Freedom at Midnight’ where the fellow men biker groups such as The Wanderers came forward to make way for the women bikers on the roads of Hyderabad and ensured the ride was smooth.
Say Cheese

6th of May, 2017 was a day to be remembered and is etched in my heart forever. These women are strong, focused and determined to bring about a change in the way women are perceived in India — inspiring thousands of us to go out there and just be Yourself. Three cheers to The Bikernis and many more who inspire us every single day and lead us by an example!!

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