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We are pleased to announce that Ecoin Finance has now been certified by CertiK, 🎉 one of the most well-known trusted cryptocurrency and similar auditing companies in the world, to ensure unprecedented security for the ECOIN ecosystem.

With a security score of 84/100, Ecoin Finance reaffirms its commitment to ensuring security and transparency for investors. ✅

CertiK is a pioneer in crypto asset security, utilizing best-in-class AI technology to secure and monitor security protocols. Being audited by CertiK will ensure that $ECOIN is free of vulnerabilities. 🔐

The Ecoin Finance team worked closely with CertiK experts to ensure the project passed advanced security audits. In addition, to improve security and enhance user experience, ECOIN also uses Skynet service (security intelligence engine) monitoring in real time (24/7).




Image: Disclosure / Illustrative image Two CEX Exchanges Listing

In celebration of the anniversary of ECOIN 🎉 we will reveal the names of the next Exchanges that will be listed:

➡️ Coinsbit

➡️ CoinStore

Very soon we will disclose the date of each listing.. ⏳

📋CertiK Report (should be available in within the next couple of days)



Image: Disclosure / Illustrative image Happy Birthday ECOIN

Today ECOIN completes 1 year of our token foundation, 12 months of work, 365 days of dedication. 🎉

We thank everyone who is part of our family, who believe and support the project, because without you, we wouldn’t be here today 💜

The celebration is just beginning..



Image: Disclosure / Illustrative image Two Top Exchange Listing

With the partnership made with CertiK, we had a great opportunity to be listed on TWO Exchanges 🔥 and we wasted no time in making it possible.

We are always on the lookout for any new opportunity that arises in the midst of our journey. “Roadmap”

More news coming soon.. ⏳



Image: Disclosure / Illustrative image Official Verification Channel

Currently in the cryptocurrency market, unfortunately scammers who pretend to be team members are increasing considerably in recent times. Therefore in order to increase our security and reliability of our holders and future investors, we have developed an official identity verification system in-house on our official web page. When a “alleged member” of the ECOIN team contacts you in private (DM), you can access the official member verification page and type the username “@” and the system will identify if they are GENUINE ✅ or a FAKE ❌ member. This system also works for Email, Twitter and Telegram.

⚠️ P.S. Ecoin Finance Team Members or Support Team will never contact you in private.

The access link can be found in the footer of our official ECOIN website, identified as “Official Verification Channel 🔐” or you can click on the link ➡️



Image: Disclosure / Illustrative image CertiK Audit

We are pleased to announce the progress of our Audit by CERTIK on the NEW Ecoin Finance Smart Contract (ECOIN) V2. 🔐

With this, when the audit certification procedures are finalized, we will be able to set ourselves to a high standard, bringing more security to our holders and gaining more visibility and confidence to the new ones who will be part of the ECOIN family.

For those who have followed us since the beginning, you know how much we work to fulfill and deliver the Roadmap for the evolution of the project. And it would be no different this time.

Therefore, with great pride we will fulfill as promised another important stage of our journey. 🚀🌙

Stay tuned for more information. 🔥 Who’s excited ❓

Checkout the progress below: 👇



Ecoin Finance

Ecoin Finance


E-COIN is a decentralized & deflationary BEP-20 token that aims to be an online payment platform through our integrated debit card.