What Does CSS Framework Stand For?

Best 20 Responsive CSS Frameworks For Web Design in 2017

A Cascading Style Sheet Framework is a set or collection of design rules, regulated mainly by CSS language and sometimes along with some JavaScript functions. The web designers use these frameworks to start their website project from the scratch and build the entire website upon the principles the frameworks offer them. The principles generally include the common ways of producing web pages with their components like navigation, typography, images or videos, buttons and icons, tabs and accordions, bars and other info-graphics, forms etc. However, one of the key uses of CSS frameworks is making your websites responsive to various screen sized devices and cross-browsers as well.

Some frameworks also come in handy to design other material elements or apps, other than just websites. That is to say that, a responsive CSS framework can be utilized to craft the front-end interface of any web pages, web applications or web materials from the scratch as well as to develop the existing ones.

The frameworks vary from simple to complex ones. The functionality of different frameworks might also vary. Sometimes two or more frameworks are integrated together to offer the designers some advanced features.

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