Hey Blockscarter’s and the wider Crypto Community,

Here is a video demo of adding a listing, showing you how quick and simple it is and how you can add different delivery methods very quickly.

This took us a few minutes and was published to our platform.

Take a look,

Simple and straight-forward right?

We have made the platform and system so easy to use, your gran could use it.

Once that is added to the platform, a seller can buy it with the additional delivery options and have it added to their invoice as well as your orders & sales.


We have said from the start that we are creating a fee-free global peer to peer e-commerce platform with a secure escrow and guess what? We have done it!

The next steps for us is to look at ways we can further add functions like referral programs, bonus programs and discount codes.

Once we add those in, we will launch with a limited amount of users to make sure everything runs smoothly and our security team and developers can monitor for any bugs or tricks deceitful bad actors will try and exploit.

But then again, the platform holds no payments, no money, no information that can damage a seller or buyer and most of all, No banking information!

The benefits of a Cryptocurrency P2P e-commerce platform online is almost upon us.

We hope you can get behind us and support us to launch.

Thanks to all the supporters, community, team, developers, cloudflare security for making sure our platform is highly secure and thank you to our 2fa partner Hydrogen for offering us the ability to have that extra layer of security.

Till the next article, please share……

Blockscart: A Global P2P E-commerce platform for the purchase of goods and services using Cryptocurrency.