Hey Blockscarter’s and the wider Crypto Community.

One of most used Cryptocurrency payment gateways has added BLXS to their supported payment asset list.

BLXS can now be accepted by any merchant that has an online web shop.

Whether it be a Wordpress Woocommerce store ( Wordpress powers over 30% of the internet) or added through API, stores can now add BLXS to their list.

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If you have a web shop that already accepts Cryptocurrencies then you will know how simple it is to get paid in BLXS.

If you need help, we will help you 100% of the way from setup to understanding how to cash-out to your bank using Waves Exchange and as of 10/01/2019, the Wirex debit card.

Convert your BLXS to Waves, BTC or ETH and send directly to your Wirex Debit card and wallet to spend in stores world-wide (wherever Visa is accepted).

What does this mean for Blockscart?

Blockscart is a Cryptocurrency marketplace where we are offering a platform (launching soon) to users with the ability to sell any legal product or service totally fee free (basic listings) with payments in Cryptocurrency.

This means that our platform now has external sources for the USE CASE OF BLXS!

With the addition of MyCryptoCheckout adding BLXS, this gives our holders the ability to show their support and start spreading the news.

If each of our supporters done a little promotion with us to online shops or even stores owned by friends and family, this could get more people accepting BLXS as a method of trade.

With adoption comes value and with a market circulation of only 6,950,000 BLXS in total, this small capped coin can really do justice over coins with a much larger minted amount.

Our mission for Blockscart is to become the number 1 Cryptocurrency marketplace online.

Our goals for BLXS is to be a payable asset and a rewards token.

We would like to give MyCryptoCheckout and the team behind the development a big thank you and we hope all our supporters and community can show full support, follow them on social media, download the payment gateway, add it to your business for accepting payments and help Blockscart grow it’s userbase.

p.s: Blockscart offers full web development and will build you a Woocommerce store or shop from £19.99

We will include the MyCryptoCheckout payment gateway for you.

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