Hey Blockscarter’s and the wider Crypto Community.

We have added a profile page for users.

They can choose to publicly create a profile explaining a bit about them or choose to stay private, it’s the users choice. No forcing from us!

Check it out;

Within your dashboard, you can add information about you and add links to your website, facebook, twitter or instagram. This is optional and we do not force anyone to reveal their identity to the public if they do not want to. Only Blockscart will know and we do not share information with any 3rd party or other company. All privacy belongs to you!

Feedback & Messaging

In the profile page, you will be able to view feedback left by buyers and feedback left by the user for purchases.

You can also send the user a direct message if you want to ask them a question about the item they are selling or if you have had work from them before, request more work and they can add a new listing for you to buy.

This is just another added benefit for the Peer to Peer Global E-commerce Platform launching soon.

Keep sharing, supporting and stay positive.