10 reasons you SHOULD NOT date an entrepreneur!

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- You cant live with ZOMBIES :

Zombies have just one thing in mind … BLOOD … they sniff Blood and just keep walking towards the smell of Blood . They care of nothing else — Dressing sense , Hair style , Rain , Storm , Night , Day , Festivals , Holidays etc. …all they want is BLOOD and keep walking in the direction of where they sniff blood and flesh — not distracted by anything that comes on the way .

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Similarly Entrepreneurs have that taste for Money & Success down their throat . They Sniff Money in every opportunity and keep proceeding towards it — not heeding to any distraction on the way . If you are planning to date an entrepreneur — be ready to get used to this .

The best part is you will be hearing SO much on the importance of money & success from them — that slowly you will start seeing what it is capable of …and in most cases you will also start seeing everything in numbers .

- No one wants to Learn So much in so little TIME !

Dating an entrepreneur ? …. get ready to be exposed to SO MUCH of information that your head cant consume ! He will tell you so much of Information about the REAL WORLD around you , that you will start feeling sick ( come on …who wants to learn so much huh ! ) .

- Have you seen BREAKING BAD ?

If not you will see it for sure soon . As your Entrepreneur WOULD-BE is so excited about this series that he will dedicate atleast 1 hour of everyday to see an episode of it … and yes he would love to make you see it as well …so you understand ” How Fished up life would be, without Money ” ….. and so you dont keep expecting him to spend a lot of time with you :)

- Be ready to CELEBRATE only After Success :

I know you are used to Celebrations without any reason ( Treats , Parties , Cinema etc. ) … but once you are close to an entrepreneur you will see that he hate’s celebrating without any reason . He will see it as a waste of valuable time . He will start seeing people who celebrate without reason as LOSER’s ( or Bozo’s )

Dating an entrepreneur, you will get used to celebrating only after some sort of success happens ( maybe a day some good sales happened , A deal has been signed , A loan got approved etc. )

- Saw something cool on the road ? Enjoyed it ? …Well not anymore !

Entrepreneurs are so much into Marketing & Sales …that they start seeing the normal world around as a big piece of Business . Everything that is so cool on the roads and in the malls translates to them as : ” Hmmm …. that is a brilliant piece of marketing ” .

Girl friend : Steve … I just boarded the United Airlines to Dallas … know what ? they just gave all the passengers a surprise Christmas gift !!!! oh, how much love they have for people !

Entrepreneur Boy friend : Hhmmm…. Ok … they know how to attract customers .. good for them !

- What you think BIG money …will no longer be BIG :

$5000 in your bank account is big for you — but not for your entrepreneurial better half :)

He is so used to reading and hearing of people making in MILLIONS & BILLIONs ( thanks to blogs like TechCrunch , Venturbeat etc. ) that anything you speak to him in just thousands will feel small .

The best part is even if he has just $200 in pockets , he thinks $ 1 million aint Cool — a Billion is Cool ! So when dating an Entrepreneur you will for sure hear this quite often — that you will start feeling that you are actually below the poverty line !

- Get ready to be CALM and study your environment :

For the first time you will start seeing a person who keeps his mouth ridiculously shut most of the time and speaks only when required . You will see he notices every detail around him constantly and analyses the situation to granular details . Be it a movie theater , circus , beach whatever … he will show you something you have not noticed .

If you are planning on dating an entrepreneur …better shut up and accept the reason he gives for being so curious always and the reason he gives so much attention to details …… as he has been really FISHED UP by so many type of people in his life …that he knows that there is a game in everything happening around !

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- Get ready for a damn ROLLER COASTER ride !

One of the main reasons Entrepreneur's are considered a different species is : They are the only animals on earth that keep a foot forward without seeing — but on complete faith . If its a smooth surface he flies from there …if its a pit he falls , gets hurt badly — but gets up and again keeps another foot forward with the same faith ….

So dating entrepreneur you will see sudden inflows of cash , riches …and the next moment its all blown up ! Life is a Thrilling roller coaster ride dating an entrepreneur !

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- Get ready to know the true meaning of the word ”STUBBORN” !

You think you are stubborn ? Well think twice :D

Dating an entrepreneur you are going to see a totally new definition of STUBBORNNESS with a smile on the face . He sets his eyes( thought ) on something and he will be determined to give his life for it . Though at times this attitude of following a mirage may seem foolish for others ….but that is what differentiates an Entrepreneur from the rest of the folks in the world . Yes, he stays HUNGRY and FOOLISH always !

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- You are getting ready to live with a KING … accept it !

Once some noble men asked the wife of Genghis KhanYour Majesty …. Your Husband sleeps with hundreds of Girls and has hundreds of Wife’s wherever he goes … don’t you feel bad ? ” …. She saw them in their eyes and said, ” he is a KING and he is allowed to do that ” .

There is a deep truth in her words . While the normal man takes weekends as holidays , enjoys a 9 to 5 job , lives a stress free life , breaks out once a month for vacation , spends quality time with family and kids , gets time to take care of his health — in short enjoys life ….. an Entrepreneur sacrifices all these goodies and puts his personal life & health for a toss and fights through time — all for what ? So the remaining 99% of the population gets that cozy life ( ie. Salary, benefits etc. ) . So obviously he should enjoy a premium that is considered WRONG for other people !

So get ready to live with someone who will break all rules — which are considered wrong in the society ( ie. dont even be surprised if he drinks too much , smokes stuff or sees other girls ) …. as he has earned it !

There is a saying , ” Rules are made for the citizens of the country — need not be followed by the KING ”…

So still wanna date an Entrepreneur ? Give it a shot !

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