Powerful Digital marketing trends for 2018

for easy and instant conversions.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing sector. As new services keep coming up and as new technologies keep raising, new Online marketing strategies are born. In this post let take a deep dive into some of the top Digital marketing trends for 2018.

Get regular quality traffic that just CONVERTS!
  • Refined Facebook Groups marketing:

If done in a very proper manner, you can reap tremendous benefits out of this approach. Rule number one of FB group marketing is: DONT SPAM. Take a 2 step approach, one for instant traffic & other for long term steady traffic.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Facebook group for the niche category under which your business/ Mobile app or website falls. Eg: Tesla Fans, Work life balance etc.

Step 2: Have a prominent JOIN US button on your website that points to this FB group, so people who come to your website click on this button and join the group.

Step 3: Make a list of all the existing groups in FB that fall under your niche. Keep writing blog posts in your website that caters to this these audience and post one post per day in all these groups. As people come to your post, they will join your group ( as its related to their interest ).

Step 4: Slowly your group will start getting more members and you can use it to promote your posts.

This is one of the best digital marketing trends in 2018 because,

  1. You take visitors from other groups and grow your own group.
  2. Unlike Fan pages, Any posts in a FB group will reach as a notification to its members and there is very possibility of them clicking the link and coming to your website.
  • Keyword based Twitter digital marketing

One other fantastic source for targeted and instant traffic is via. Twitter. There are millions of people who search everyday for very specific things on Twitter. If you employ strategic and forward thinking marketing ideas on Twitter, you can reap benefits instantly. When planning your Digital marketing on Twitter, keep in mind that you can reach people exactly at the moment they think of something. Its that powerful. Follow these simple pointers to plan your activities around this medium:

  • Open a Twitter account for your Business / website or Mobile app. Fill in all the details and make your page look pleasant with all required information and pictures.
  • Choose a location where you target audience are & everyday invest sometime on checking what the trends in that location are.
  • For each trend post a Tweet with the related hashtag for the trend. Eg: If you are running a dating app and the trend is #balloons, have a Tweet like: Gift red #balloons to your loved ones with a short link to your website.
  • Also use Social media tools like hootsuite and schedule a list of tweets for target keywords. These tools will automatically reply to those who tweet with the keyword you have mentioned.

Using Twitter the right way is one of the most effective digital marketing trends of 2018 that can fetch you instant traffic.

  • Using Bots to do digital marketing.

One of the hot and upcoming areas in the world of technology is Bots. Infact people say the next wave after Apps is Bots. Its that intense. Like an App, a Bot is something that you can develop and deploy it in a variety of Bot stores. To name a few Bot Stores: FB Bot store, Skype, Telegram, Slack etc.

Using Bots you can easily establish a natural rapport with your potential customers — all inside a chat interface. Deploying Bots will for sure be one of the leading Digital marketing trends in 2018. Create a bot that can get people engaged in a conversation and slowly persuade them to check out your product. Millions of people search on Facebook, Skype etc. for Bots to install. You can easily rank on top for keywords of your choice, as this tech is still in its early days.