This is how our traffic went from 4K -to- 50K visitors p.m… in just 27 days!

Get regular quality TRAFFIC that just CONVERTS!

Did you know? There is a strategy to automate your entire Marketing to create an endless loop. This loop keeps working even while you sleep ie. Automatic Traffic gets generated — Conversions happen — product gets delivered to buyers automatically & this keeps happening again & again ( including your customer support )!

Sounds crazy? Not until you read How its done….

Here is the tried & tested process to create that LOOP:

Step 1: Lets start with the traffic generation part first.

Please note, “Automatic Traffic generation” is not the primary focus of this article. It will be discussed in detail in an upcoming article.

But still… to see this Loop in action, you will need an ingenious Traffic source. So I will teach you a short & crisp technique( used by many ) that is based on hacking traffic from your competitors ;)

decent product… good market… but still NO SALES!

What can possibly be WRONG?

Here is the ANSWER!

Make a list of your competitors ( The BIGGEST ones in the market )

There is always a huge search for the “vs.” keywords online. Ex: UBER vs. Lyft, Magento vs. Shopify, MailChimp vs. Mailgun, Zen Desk vs. Fresh Desk, Salesforce vs. PipeDrive, Spigen cases vs. OtterBox cases etc. ( The search volume is in Millions! ).

All you need to do is. Take a list of your competitors ( Ex: A,B,C,D ) and create a mix match comparison ie. A vs. B, A vs. C, A vs. D, B vs. C, B vs. D etc. Now add your company/product as the 3rd to all the combinations ie. A vs. B vs. X, A vs. C vs. X, A vs. D vs. X, B vs. C vs. X, B vs. D vs. X ( where X is your product ). And write 600+ words articles on each comparison.

Next find a list of all blogs in your business category, and guest post it there ( you can use Fiverr to find the list. Each post costs just $5 )

These posts will rank in search for the keywords easily. For example when someone searches for Salesforce vs. PipeDrive, your article ie. Salesforce vs. PipeDrive vs. Your-Product comes. The visitor will for sure, come to your page to checkout what your product is about.

Review your competitors ( The medium ones )

Again, we all know people search for reviews before purchase. Which means they will be searching for your competitors review as well. So why dont you write a review for each of your competitors? Same as above. Post articles on blogs & have a banner which speaks about your product. Since its in the same category, visitors will check out your product as well.

Alternatives for your competitors

The 3rd type of search which happens in huge volumes is like this: “<Your competitor name> alternative” Ex: Dropbox Alternative. Same approach again > Write a 700+ article for each of your competitor alternatives and promote your product / company.

That’s all Traffic hacks for now. You should start getting some good targeted visitors to your site.

Lets start creating our endless loop.

Step 2: Automatically Convert Visitors to Leads ( to reach in future )

Now, you have your Target Audience coming to your site. The next step is to somehow convert this traffic as subscribers, who you can reach again & again.

  • Write a crisp 3 page eBook on a related topic to your product ( that is also of value to your customers ). For example: If your product is about a SAAS based analytics platform, provide an eBook on “8 Mobile metrics you need to be tracking“ -or- if your product is a Video clipping software, provide an ebook on “Guide to cinematic video clipping effects“ -or- If your product is an iPhone case, provide an ebook on “10 ways to speed up your iPhone“.

Quick Tip: Just find a topic for the ebook > Browse the internet on the topic > Refurbish content and create the ebook. You can even choose to give a video instead of the ebook. Or even choose to give some free digital item as a download like icons, templates etc. that will be of some value to the visitor.

The aim here is very clear: The visitor should become a subscriber. For that, you are providing a free download and making him a subscriber via. that.

To make the above process simple, Use a Digital Download Delivery service like GetDPD. Create a free account in getDPD > upload your product & generate a download link > Use it on your page ( The lead capturing part will be taken care automatically ).

Now the important thing is you need to channel the Free product download leads into becoming subscribers, so you can reach them at will. For this I would recommend an email management service like Get Response ( it gets easily integrated with getDPD ). Its simple, Just signup > Copy the API key > Open your getDPD account > navigate to “Integrations” that is present on the left menu > Select “Get Response” > Paste the API key there. DONE!

So now what happens is: Visitor comes to your website > clicks on the Free Download > Provides email address > Gets the product delivered > on the other side, the email address along with name/contact number etc. gets automatically stored in getDPD > from getDPD the email automatically becomes a subscriber in Get response ( so you can send them auto drip emailers in future )…. all this just keeps happening in a loop.

Before moving to the next step, lets answer a few FAQs in this Step:

Visitors come to my site & everything works as planned. But still there is a 30% leakage. How do I capture these leads as well?

Ok, this is common. Most often this leakage happens because the Free download link is not displayed prominent enough -or- The visitors might be in a hurry. Either way, you can solve it with a good Exit Intent Pop-up ( this popup pops up, when someone tries to leave your website ). Promote your Free product in this exit Intent Pop-up and the leakage will be reduced significantly. You can use ready-made services like Optin-Monk for this.

decent product… good market… but still NO SALES!

What can possibly be WRONG?

Here is the ANSWER!

Step 3: Keep reaching back to your leads ( Automate it )

Ok, now you have automated the entire process of bringing in leads > capturing their email Address > making them subscribers to your Drip emailers.

Next, Setup Auto-responder’s in Get-Response ( An Auto-responder is an email that goes at a specified time - from the time someone has subscribed. For example: 1 Day from subscription, 4 days from subscription etc. Its also called Drip emails ). HERE is step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Start a wordpress blog in your website ( ), and write 6 good posts that would be of value to your subscribers. Schedule 6 auto-responder’s on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 17th days & send them the posts.

Remember: DONT SELL yet!

Let the articles that are promoted via. the auto-responder’s be very informative in nature. Your subscribers should keep hearing your brand name atleast 6 times ( the reason for 6 auto-mailers ).

Slowly start engaging with your visitors right on the blog posts. How? That is our next step. And lets automate that as well :)

Step 4: User Engagement. Sales Answers - Automated.

Ok, now you have Traffic coming in automatically. The Traffic gets converted and stored as leads automatically. The leads are being contacted automatically on schedule.

Next lets start building a Rapport with your site visitors, while they are on your page ( which ever page on your site ). Lets make use of an intelligent Live Chat software that can also act as a BOT and answer questions. I would recommend the service provided by LIVE CHAT Inc. Register for a Free Trial account > Copy the script > Paste it in all your pages ( including the Blog pages ).

Live Chat has this incredible feature where in you can automate your customer support to certain extent ie. you can train the chat BOT to answer a majority of FAQs and if there is something it doesn't know the answer for, will be sent as an email to you. Its called triggers. So spend some time and feed your Live chat with required information about your product. At this point some may choose to not automate it, but personally answer customer questions — which is also fine. The beauty is, Live Chat has an Android & IOS app that you can install, so you can take questions wherever you are! HERE is more help on how to setup Triggers.

So, now you have customers coming in automatically. Your chat BOT engages them automatically. Remaining questions are emailed to you automatically. In most cases, the customers happen to BUY your product at this stage inself. The rest you can convert by replying to the emails.

Step 5: Sell!

Ok, Now you have Automatic Traffic. Automatic Leads. Automatic Subscribers. Automatic repeat visitors. Automatic Pre-sales support. Also Automatic Sales.

Next, lets sell HARD.

Create lists of all the leads you have so far. Even the historic leads you have. Leads collected via. the above technique. Leads collected via. other methods & create a monster list. We are going to send out a Blast to all of them with a compelling offer that they cant resist.

Download this fantastic Mass Mailer ( Its simple to use. Reaches the Inbox ). Signup for a Free account with Amazon SES ( flow the steps mentioned. Do the required verification's. Apply for a SandBox upgrade ). With Amazon SES, you can send out 75,000 emails per day via. MailWizz. And both work beautifully hand-in-hand.

Setup the mass mailer in your server > Connect it to Amazon SES > Upload your list > Construct a beautiful email with a stunning offer. SEND out the mailer!

Traffic again comes in. Your entire AUTOMATION does its job. Sales Happens!

Mission accomplished :)


What are Browser subscriptions?

Browser Subscriptions is yet another effective way to subscribe your site visitors for future notifications at will. Browser subscriptions are powerful because the notifications you send also reach them as PUSH on their mobile phones!. Check out PUSH MONKEY, its easy to setup and works like a charm.

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