Online business ideas - that work!

Hello there :) Am not going give an intro para about the Online business ideas and the need for it etc. Instead we are diving directly into the list of the best and most practical ideas that work instantly. Am going to list the ideas in an order that the top one will be the easiest one to implement and execute. But will give low returns. The later ones will take some time to implement and execute, but gives huge and steady revenue.

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A Chat BOT:

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First there were websites. Then there were Mobile Apps. Now there are BOTs. To know more on what a BOT is, read this amazing article HERE. The beauty of BOTs is that it can be deployed inside Messaging platforms that already have 100’s of millions of users ( FB Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Kik etc. ). So, you can easily get users to your BOT. Once you have users, you can easily promote any links / products to them via. your BOT and get conversions happening. Since the BOTs are present inside famous messaging platforms, any message you send to the user will reach him on priority as a PUSH notification from the service ie. Facebook, Skype etc. where ever he is. BOTs are one of the most trending online business ideas. If you are early in the BOT rush, sky is the limit :)

Daily Deals & Coupons business:

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We all know how much people are pulled towards deals. Everyone are accustomed to search for a deal/discount for any product they buy online or order offline. Bank on this mindset people are already trained to ( thanks to daily deals site like Groupon, Living Social etc. ). Just setup an online deals website > Explore your neighborhood & for sure every shop of any category will be happy to provide you a deal > Strike a deal with them for a commission on each referral > List all these deals on your website. Post about your website on local directories etc. Soon you will have people landing on your website from online search engines. As they use your discount coupon while purchase, you keep getting the commissions. Daily Deals & Coupons is one of the Online Business ideas that can be executed in a local market as well as in the international online market ( ie. you can find deals available online and list it, find business providing affiliate for each sale and list it etc. ). There are millions of people making a handsome money via. just referring customers to businesses!

Online Hotel & Holiday booking portal:

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Starting an online Hotel and holiday aggregating portal is one of the most powerful online business ideas that you can do. The world is the market and there are millions of searches happening everyday in this vertical. How is the money in this idea? Very simple. There are multiple online API aggregator’s ( or lobbies ) available. They have tie-ups with nearly all the hotels and Travel agents in the world. All you need to do is integrate their API’s in your portal & everything is taken care. Visitor comes to your site and searches > the API’s provide results > he clicks on it and books > You get the affiliate commission! Your work is to just promote your portal and bring in visitors.

Online Dating:

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Yup, it is for sure one of the best online business ideas that can work out instantly. Simple, Your target audience is all humans who would need a partner of any kind. If you are able to connect 2 people, they would be more than happy to pay you for your service. So, the wining formula for any online dating business is a well defined discovery process. Always try to start your dating for a particular niche, so the focus is there and you can address the specific need of your niche audience with quality. Not mandatory, but if you can add a unique twist or innovation to your dating platform — more easily you can get more people to signup. One other important thing to consider in dating is the growing mobile audience and shift in browsing behavior from the browser to mobile apps. So see that you also have a mobile app version of your Online dating website.

A Mobile Game App

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This is one of the online business ideas that can earn for you - even while you sleep. There is a HUGE market out there(across the globe), that plays mobile games like mad. They just keep downloading what ever they see in the App store & Play store and keep playing. This is one of the reason, any game on the App Store has thousands of downloads (even the most stupid games). Your market here starts from 4+ year old kids and goes steady upto 24 year old college kids. Use one of the Turn-key games provided above and instantly deploy your mobile app game today. You will see downloads start from Day 2. If you can promote your game on Facebook and among your friends, it will spread even quickly. The revenue for you is via. Ads. Each click puts money in your pocket. One easy hack is to have atleast 4 games in your App store and target to make a revenue of atleast $2.0 per game per day. That is $80 per day which is equal to $2400+ p.m. This is easy money and keeps increasing with more downloads.

Niche Online Business directory

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Believe it or not, there is always an evergreen market for such niche online business directories and classifieds. Its common sense that every business understands that a strong online presence is very much required to get leads. Now you might think that are a lot of Big & small directories these businesses might already be listed in ( Yelp etc. ). And why would they want to spend on yet another directory. This thought is wrong. As a small or medium business, they always budget to be present anywhere and everywhere possible. If they pay as much as they pay bigger directories, but for sure you can get a small fee from each business for listing them on your site. As you start driving more traffic and leads, they will be happy to pay your more. A niche online directory is for sure one of the most scalable online business ideas that can be executed smoothly. Try to choose a really good niche in your locality initially & become a goto online destination for that niche. Slowly expand to new niches.

Online Car Rental Marketplace:

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If you are looking for quick profitability, nothing like starting an online car rental marketplace. While other online business ideas concentrate more on the scale factor for profitability, this one puts the making money factor first. The business model activates you to make money instantly and it grows with scale. Transportation has become an everyday need for people. The times are changing fast and people love to hire a good car of choice for any travel ( even if they own a car ). It would be very easy to start a Car rental company for your town first and allow the booking to happen both offline and online via. your mobile app. All you need to do is get your website/ App ready ( use the free software provided above ), Try and convince 10 people to rent their extra car in your marketplace, Run a little targeted Ad campaign for your locality. Orders will start flowing in from day one. You make good money on the commission on each ride. As business grows, you can choose to expand to the nearby town.

Online Equipment rental Marketplace:

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Believe it or not, the next big boom is going to be in the rental space. People are done buying new things. Consumers have been nearly buying for the past 15 years. So much of things have been bought and none of the items have been used to the full. The times are changing wherein people are slowly realizing this & are preferring to rent things they want … than owning them. It started with the vehicle's space ( Car, Bikes etc. ) & is slowly spreading to niche areas like Party equipment's, Trekking equipment's, Tools etc. The consumers who once thought of buying it new, now think more of just renting it for the duration they may require. And if it seems good, they can make a decision to buy it out. This opens a new type of a rental market altogether. You can start out small by making a list of all the items people are ready to rent in your neighborhood. List all these items on a website and make it available to others to rent. Add a commission on each transaction. Soon you will find a lot many new items getting added to your equipment rental marketplace. Equipment rentals can easily be one of the most profitable Online Business ideas in the coming years. And it works!

A Niche Social Network

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I you ask anyone the top 5 Social networks in the world( or in a particular country for that matter ), for sure they wont be able to say more than 3 instantly. What does this mean? It means the space is still begging for more players! Many people forget that you don’t need millions of users in your social network to make money. If you plan out a niche social network and even get in a few hundred users — there are many ways to monetize the traffic effectively & then scale up. Think of creating niche social network in your locality alone ( For Moms, research scholars, Foodies etc. ). People love exclusivity and would like to be part of a exclusive network based on specific interests. A niche social network can be one of the most scalable Online Business ideas to start instantly. Once you establish a niche online social network, there are numerous revenue streams that can be created around the interest group ( Peer-to-peer lending, Conducting meetups, fee for expert advice etc. ). Once you have a decent traction and proved revenue, you can start speaking to investors to expand to the nearby location.

Designing Themes for the latest Tech trends:

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The world of internet is all about interactivity and User experience. When it comes to UI / UX the way in which the layout of an online property is designed and structured plays a very important role. The better the look and feel is the more visitors stay on the site / app. I say all this to emphasize the importance of design for any internet property…be it a website, Online Utility or a mobile app. So this means there is a huge market for any kind of themes or templates for both Mobile and browser based applications. All you need to do is analyze the current hot trend in the web world and design themes or templates for that trend. There are countless marketplaces where you can submit it to ( Theme forest, Bootstrap etc. ). Creating themes for upcoming technologies ( Angular JS, React JS, React Native etc.) is for sure one of the best evergreen online business ideas anyone with little tech knowledge can implement easily.

Online Food Ordering business.

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We all know Food is an evergreen area. Whatever it is, every human needs food atleast 3 times a day. Huge proven Market & the target audience always like to try something new. This is a gold mine :) Go on and start an interesting niche online food ordering business. Start local and think global. Make tie-ups with the best hotels and restaurants in your locality. Strike a deal for a commission on each lead you provide ( and they will be happy to pay in this competitive world ). Upload each restaurant menu in your website and once a customer orders, the restaurant owner gets the notification and he takes care of the delivery. Neat. Start marketing your brand to closed group of people & they will try it for sure. Throw in some creativity and things will catch up Eg: Allow your users to choose dishes from different restaurants, so they get a variety of dishes for dinner. Starting a niche online food ordering service can be one of the most profitable Online business ideas to execute.

Instant Online City Guide

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People love travelling to new destinations. Maybe the city you live in is a popular destination where many tourists come. Everyone travelling to other countries or cities for vacation/holiday/business need help with information about the location they are visiting ie. a city guide. If you have a fantastic city guide that is accessible on mobile, you have instant users. All you need to do is populate the destinations in your app with essential information on cities and attractive photos and videos. Next publish your app on the app stores and also keep posting your app in related forums and blogs. Soon you will start getting visitors installing your app and using it as their city guide. Revenue streams are many in this interesting business model. Off the bat, you can start generating revenue with Ads. As you gain more visitors, you can also arrange special tours for them and charge a good fee for it. Recommend Hotels, Restaurants, activities etc. and charge a commission for each referral. A city guide can be one of the most interesting and useful online business ideas that works instantly.

Online Service marketplace

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An hybrid model always works like magic online. An entrepreneur planning to start an online venture can either decide to make it a full technology play or an Offline/Online game. In such hybrid models the revenue model is more solid and its more of a cash business. One such solid online business ideas is a service marketplace ( Plumbers, Mechanics, Maids, Baby sitters etc. ). This model is also location based. You can start by making a list of all the chores your town folks might require. Next find all the people / businesses in your locality who provide these services. Get a turn-key service marketplace software and install it on any server. Bring in all these people inside your system. Now one side of your formula is there, next all you need to do is do a door-to-door marketing and inform people of the service you provide. Soon you will get orders flowing in and you can provide resources to complete each task. Take a commission for each payment and in no time you are in business. As you gain momentum, also add a mobile app to your online business idea ( so its convenient to your users to order a service from anywhere ). As your service gains more traction, expand to the nearby towns slowly and steadily.

Ok. before we dive into a more Online business ideas, lets take look at some FAQs and answer it:

decent product… good market… but still NO SALES!

What can possibly be WRONG?

Here is the ANSWER!

What is the latest trend Online?

As far as we have noticed there are 3 trends that are shooting up fast. They are: Bots, Virtual Reality ( VR ) & Driver-less cars. It would be of great value if your online business idea falls in one of the above category as there are millions of dollars spent by big corporate’s across the globe on these areas. Also these trends are here to stay and off-late is attracting a lot of VC interest. Don’t worry, it is not required to start something very big in these verticals. You can be a small part of the eco system also, and that itself would be a very big market.