Profitable Business Ideas for 2020

With the list of Free Software to power them.

Nov 22, 2016 · 34 min read

All you need to do is Book a Domain & employ one of the following Profitable Business ideas for 2020.

- Online Grocery Delivery Solution:

One of the most required solutions in this Corona virus pandemic season is delivery. Globally people are trying to avoid trips to crowded places, shops, retail stores as much possible. They are looking to get everything delivered to their doorstep. One such niche would be grocery. In the recent weeks, grocery delivery services like Instacart, DoorDash etc. were not able to handle the sheer volume of request increase. Shoppers on these apps are desperate for batches to work on. Such demand requires more players in the market. An online grocery delivery platform can be one of the best business ideas for 2020. This type of demand can even accommodate several players in each city. You can pick a micro niche like snacks delivery, alcohol delivery, pizza delivery etc. and quickly get users and shoppers on-boarded. This has huge potential to scale quickly and outgrow to other cites.

Software: You can get an Instagram clone script HERE

Time to profitability: less than 1 month

Grocery delivery Business idea for 2020

- Online Video Conferencing platform:

With the current COVID19 pandemic in action one of the best business ideas for 2020 will be to start a ZOOM like platform. A majority of the worlds population in working from home right now. This opens a massive opportunity for any online platforms that help is effective remote collaboration. One such business model would be a niche video conferencing platform. You can start it for any niche: Cooking, training, fitness or even a Learning management solution it can be. The current market demand for a video conferencing platform is very high and begs for hundreds of players in each country. And users are more than happy to pay and use it in a premium manner.

Software: You can get a full Video Conference script HERE

Time to profitability: less than 1 month

Online Business Ideas for 2020

- Online Food Delivery Platform:

2019, 2020 is considered the age of On-Demand Delivery apps. Food in particular is a very lucrative category in this sector. You can easily start an online Food delivery business in a hyper local manner. As more people re-locate for career purposes, ordering quality food online is the trend of the town. If you can start a Food ordering platform only for your neighbourhood, the word can be spread very easily. Starting local and expanding global is the key point here. As you start gaining more traction, your revenue will start increasing from the restaurants who pay you a sales commission.

Software: You can get full Online Food script HERE

Time to profitability: less than 1 months

Online Business Ideas for 2020

Cryptocurrency Staking

For the past couple of years many earned via. the concept of Cryptocurrency mining. But that was not an easy process. Involved many complexities, hardware, investment, knowledge etc. Crypto Staking is a new type of mining that does not involve any of the mentioned hurdles. It simple and straight forward. Anyone can start generating revenue quick. Here is a quick guide to get start.

- Online Multiple Services App Business:

One of the most profitable Business ideas for 2020 is a Gojek like Multiple services business. Thanks to the mobile phone, people have started ordering anything just where they are. Multi services business like Glovo etc. have managed to provide a myriad of services under one roof. For ex: Bike Taxi, Grocery delivery, Courier, Food delivery etc. So, the user need to not install multiple apps for each service or product they want to order. You can aso checkout this post that offers valuable tips on choosing the right script. You can also try starting such a multiple services app in your location and grow big!

Software: You can get full Multi-Service script HERE

Time to profitability: less than 2 months

Business ideas 2019
Business ideas 2019

- Online Cryptocurrency Exchange:

This is a the age of Cryptocurrency. Everyone out there wants to invest in Bitcoins. All exchanges are flooded with registration requests and they have closed doors for new people to register. All you need to do is start an exchange and do an announcement. In no time there will be a queue of people who would like to register and buy bitcoins from your exchange. You can charge a fee for each transaction.

Software: You can get full Cryptocurrency Exchange script HERE

Time to profitability: less than 1 months

- A Chat BOT

In the mid 80’s Desktops were the trend with millions of desktop apps like Winamp etc. Then in the mid 90’s came the era of browsers and along with it came millions of websites. Around 2009 came the concept of Smart phones and along with it a soaring industry of mobile apps grew with millions of mobile apps. Now, there is a new shift in technology again. The era of BOTs have started. What is a BOT? Read this interesting article HERE. Each era has created many multi millionaires. Especially the ones who were early to sniff change and enter quickly. Now, the BOT Rush is just beginning & if you can enter early — you are the next millionaire :)

One of the beauty of BOTs is that it is deployed inside famous messaging services like FB Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Slack, Kik etc. which have 100’s of millions of users already inside. So its easy for you to gain momentum quickly. Once a user is subscribed to your bot, you can keep sending him updates of links, products etc. and get conversions happening. For sure starting a Chat Bot is the most trendy Business ideas in 2020.

- Niche Dating business

We all know that dating is an evergreen niche. With the popularity of Mobile apps in the past few years, dating has become a common phenomenon over the mobile. With Apps like Tinder, CMB etc. finding a date is a breeze. But off late this area has stagnated with no new interesting app or website coming up. Here is where we smell opportunity. As we all know people always like to engage in new and innovative ways to find their date. So why not a niche dating site or app with an interesting twist? I would personally vouch for dating as a solid online Business idea in 2020, as people badly need a change. For sure there will be a new entrant this year. Why cant it be you? Here is a hint: How about applying an innovative gamification twist to the concept of location based dating idea? ( like how Pokemon merged Treasure hunting with gaming ) -or- Combining an offline idea with proximity based dating idea.

Software: You can get web script + mobile apps for free HERE

Time to profitability: less than 3 months

Investment: less than $900 ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

Business ideas
Business ideas

- Local Taxi Dispatch business:

There is always a demand for local transport. All you need to do is roam around your city and signup 20 to 30 Taxis. On the other hand you can deploy a simple software for people to book rides. Now, you will need to just connect the passengers with the Drivers and earn a commission on all rides. The business is simple & straight forward.

Software: You can get it for free HERE

Time to profitability: less than 4 months

- Equipment rental business

The US economy is changing as we speak. There is a new type of marketplace getting created. On one side of it, too many items and products have been purchased by people ( Many of them they may not even need ). On the other hand, people dont want to purchase things until they would need it for long. They are more than happy to just rent out equipment’s for temporary usage and return it ( or maybe purchase it after using it ad checking out the need of the equipment or item). So yes, this is what we call the rental economy. All you need to do is find a way to connect these two sections of people & bingo you have an amazing & profitable business model ready. People have a wide variety of item they would like to borrow or rent out on daily, weekly or monthly basis. It can range from unused gaming consoles to Cameras, Party equipment’s, Trekking gear etc. This rental economy plan can be one of the most innovative online Business ideas of 2020. Go for it :)

Software: You can get web script + mobile apps HERE

Time to profitability: less than 2 months

Investment: less than $1500 ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

Business ideas 2019
Business ideas 2019

- Niche Classifieds site:

Yes, there is always an evergreen market for Niche Classifieds site. As long as there people who would like to give away used goods ( & make some money ) there is a market for this business. When starting a Classifieds site, start it for a particular interesting niche. Just go out and ask anyone “How many classifieds site do you know?” ….for sure they would not be able to tell more than a few names ( Craigslist, Angieslist, Gumtree etc. ). Do a bit of research on which particular category or Niche people are willing to sell used goods on & choose that category as your niche. Also have your niche classifieds as a mobile app, as it makes the job more easy & its the trend.

Tip: Use a new upcoming category or one that is recently legalized etc.

Software: You can get one with mobile apps for free HERE

Time to profitability: less than 3 months

Business ideas 2020
Business ideas 2020

- Niche Services Marketplace

One thing that is always required by people across the world is services of various kind ( ex: Maids, Massage, Drivers, Cooks, Cleaning service etc. ). And we know for a fact that people re ready & happy to pay for a good service of any kind that they desire. How about starting a good service based marketplace for your locality, for a particular niche ( ex: for delivery related, for household related, for Tuition services related etc. ). This concept is also offlate gaining a lot of traction under the name UBER for X ie. An UBER like app for various other service categories. Experts say that starting a niche service marketplace can be one of the most profitable online Business ideas in 2020. So, go on select a locality, select a niche service category and start a Marketplace for it. Be sure to verify each and every service provider you add in your marketplace, as your customers satisfaction is your success.

Software: You can get one with mobile apps for free HERE

Time to profitability: less than 2 months

- A Digital Products Marketplace

Everything around us is becoming digital. From Books, photos to currency, Gift cards, wedding invitations etc. So there is a Big market for a niche Digital products marketplace. There are many advantages in starting a marketplace that is very specific for Digital downloads only. One of the biggest advantage is that you dont need to worry about the nuisance of physical delivery, Inventory etc. When someone buys a product on your portal, it gets instantly delivered to him over email. He just needs to download it. From source code, Themes, eBooks, Pictures, gifts, Money etc. there are a wide variety of items that you can ask your sellers to sell on your marketplace & take a commission on each sale -or- you can ask your sellers to pay a subscription to use your platform. This is can be one of the most lucrative & easy to implement Online Business ideas in 2020

Time to profitability: less than 1 months

Investment: less than $700 ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

Business ideas
Business ideas

- Mobile phone cases and covers

This may sound small & boring, but we cant deny the fact that there is a huge market worldwide for this. Experts say the number of mobile phones sold will triple globally in 2020! Selling Mobile phone covers and cases could be one of the most solid business ideas in 2020.

When we speak about physical goods, it is not required for you to manufacture them ( though you can choose to in future ). All you need to do is search for required covers on Alibaba and you can find a good provider who can supply it to you for a very low cost. Get it shipped to your country and start selling it for good profit on portals like Amazon, eBay etc. One other beauty of this model is, you can always get to know the upcoming models in each mobile phone brand & you can estimate the number of sales that is bound to happen for that particular model. All you need to do is pre-plan, get your stocks ready ( it can be as low as just 1000 pieces ). You would need to get small quantities of stock of various models to find the most selling model for you.

Software: You can sell it online on Amazon, Etsy etc.

Time to profitability: instant

Investment: less than $1300 ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

Online Business ideas 2019
Online Business ideas 2019
Image Source: Macworld

- 3D Printing

One of the most promising & exciting business area to be in 2020 is 3D printing. The total world is going towards instant and creative 3D printing. Many new innovations are pouring in this sector as we think about it. This vertical which seemed to be budding a year back, is now in full swing with a lot many things happening everyday. One of the areas people are expecting magic to happen in 3D printing is the creation of human body parts instantly ( already 3D printed limbs are becoming a norm ). A lot of research is happening on Food 3D printing sectors ie. companies are working on creating 3D printed burgers and even Chicken!

One can choose to take up any small area inside this vast space, it can be as simple as just creating templates for 3D printing, so anyone can download a template online and get it printed instantly on their printer. So yes, the ideas related to 3D printing can also be done as an offline business in your locality -or- it can also be done in an online manner. Consider this as one of the hottest online business ideas of 2020.

Software: You can do it Offline & Online.

Time to profitability: instant

Investment: less than $2300 ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

- Driver Less Cars

The future is here. Its a known act that by 2020, we will see a lot many Automotive self driving cars on the roads ( atleast in the US ). All multi billion dollar corporations have already jumped into the self driving business wagon. With Google & Tesla being the pioneers, the entire automotive industry is taking dive into this future concept. Already popular services like UBER, Tesla etc. have started road testing their Driver-less cars in the USA. So when so many big corporations are getting into this space, it means there are countless opportunities begging to be explored. So figure out a very specific & small niche in this ocean of an opportunity & stay focused. For sure it will turnout to become a fortune in near future ( it can be as simple as starting an informative blog in this sector -or- preparing a small app that engages passengers during the ride -or- a sensor of some sort ). And yes, it will be one of the most innovative & disruptive Internet Business ideas of 2020.

Software: It is for you to develop

Time to profitability: in near future but BIG

Investment: less than $10K ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

Business ideas 2020
Business ideas 2020
Image Source: Tesla

- Internet of Things

We can call this era as the internet of things era. There is so much happening in this space. Never before in history has so much inventions & innovation happened (Just take a look at the amount of IOT projects getting funded in Kickstarter & Indiegogo). With the latest boom in the IOT sector, the software and electronics worlds are merging like never before.

All you need to do is come up with a cool business idea in IOT, get a nice video done for it along with good design concepts. Once done for a fund raising campaign in Kickstarter or Indiegogo. If you are funded, you already have buyers ready ( who have paid you upfront ). With the funds, you can get any IOT product done instantly from China at a very economical cost.

We consider this are one of the smartest internet business ideas of 2020 :)

Software: First crowd fund, then develop using the funds

Time to profitability: Your Pre-orders are there already via. crowdfunding.

Investment: less than $20K ( on Marketing, Sales etc. )

Online Business ideas
Online Business ideas
Image source: Freshome . com

Ok, lets next look at a list of cash business ideas in 2020.

By definition, any business that generates cash from day 1 is called a cash business. Usually a cash business is something related to providing tangible services, wherein any action you do is rewarded with cash on a timely manner. People love cash business ideas, as the wait time to profitability is less. But on the flip side, you need to remember that most cash business ideas only provide a stream of steady income & is not much scalable. Here are a few ideas:

Tax Preparation : We all know that everyone earning money in any manner need to file their returns once a year, and that is a solid opportunity. Especially during the Tax filing season ( as we call it ), the demand for auditors and domain expert accountants goes very high. There are many simple weekend Tax filing & audit courses you can take up to get certified. You can easily charge upto $200 per hour for this professional work.

Day Care: Its a busy world. Everyone are either working -or- looking out for a job. In this busy world, parents want a safe and good place to leave their babies. And this is a huge & scattered market. The beauty of day care business model is, it can be started right away in your locality right from your house. And yes, every street has potential customers for you. You start by doing a door-to-door marketing & getting a few customers. As you get more business, you can rent houses in streets nearby & employ people and expand. Add an interesting twist to the day care business model & it can easily become a innovative cash business idea of 2020 :)

Home assistant: There is a fine difference between a maid & a home assistant. Now image a working husband and a working wife with kids going to school. Everyday everyone are busy. Taking care of the daily needs for the home is problem in such a situation ie. like getting the plumber to fix leakages, fixing the not working TV, doing the grocery shopping, Taking out cloths to the laundry, Paying the bills etc. Believe me this is a huge market. How do you get the customers? You can directly approach busy homes and offer your services -or- even better there are services like Task Rabbit etc. where you can become a taker and you will get offers flooding your inbox in no time. In 2019, there many more such service marketplaces that will be opening in various countries. So search for the best service marketplace in your locality and register yourself.

Logo Design: Ok, this is a skill & can be done in 2 different ways. If you are a creative artist, you can choose to sketch creative logo’s based on the customers requirement. Or, if you are a technical person with skills in Photoshop, Illustrator etc. you can directly choose to design the concepts digitally and submit it. However, this is one of the easiest Cash business ideas for 2020. Every business needs a logo & thus the market is huge. Also there are plenty of online marketplaces where people outsource Logo designing work ( Eg: Freelancer, 99 Designs etc. ).

Creative content: This is one area which is of high demand & also a cash business idea for 2020 that can be done with a lot of joy and fulfillment. In content there are 2 types: Normal content & Creative content. The way in which publication houses define creative content is: “Content that adds so much value to a reader that there is a 95% probability he will share it on social media once its read”. If you are a person who can write such creative content, then you are of high demand. Publications are ready to pay up-to $500 for a 600+ words of creative content. And yes, if you are a person who can write such high quality creative content, just contact me & I can myself refer some ready customers to you :)

Photography: Last but not the least in our list of cash business ideas for 2020 is photography. You may wonder how Photography can be listed under this category. Well, stock photos sell like crazy online. Even as you read this article there might have been thousands of photos that might have been purchased online by website creators, Designers, Graphic artists etc. All you need is a camera and a little creativity. Start clicking shots of different situations & caption them. Once yo have a huge collection, start uploading them on sites like shutter stock etc. and they will take care of the rest. Many people make big money online by selling such photos.

Next, lets take a look a list of small business ideas for women.

  • Blogging: Yup, this is one business that employs millions from their home and a perfect fit for women who want to earn right from their computer inside their home. There are many portals online that outsource content & blogging work. All you need to do is setup your profile and start bidding on orders. The more creative you write, the more you can charge for your content. You can easily charge anywhere between $20 to $99 per article. Blogging is and has always been one the favorite small business ideas for women. 2020 will see a lot more orders come up online as more and more businesses depend on online branding.
  • Recipes: Yet another favorite. Everybody likes cooking. Cooking something that is delicious is an art & a skill. Millions of people search for good recipes online. If you are interested in cooking, you can easily make a business out of it. All you need to do is document those interesting recipes & provide it to people looking for it. You can either choose to create an ebook out of it and sell it online marketplaces -or- you can make a video out of it and create your own recipe channel in Youtube and earn via., advertisements. A niche Recipes idea can contribute to make one of the best small business ideas for women in 2020.
  • Fashion: This is something that women excel in. Fashion, Design are best when done by women. Starting a niche fashion store is one o the best small business ideas for women in 2020. A small store in an apartments is a good any to start this business. You will have ready customers from the neighborhood itself. As you design more unique styles, you can also start selling them via. online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. ( there are also plenty of niche fashion oriented marketplaces as well ).
  • Women fitness: Fitness is something everyone are interested in and especially women. Being a woman, there are all the more possibilities of success for you as you have the advantage of knowing what exactly women want in this category. Fitness is one of the fail-proof small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in 2020. There are various areas you can concentrate in this niche: Fitness Consultant, Dietitian, Yoga teacher, Gym director etc,. The beauty of this business model is that you can also do it online -or- write blogs / ebook’s on Women fitness and either give it in a freemium model or sell at a nominal cost. If you plan to give ebooks for free, you can plan to add affiliate links to fitness products that earn you a commission for each sale.
  • Music: If you are good at this music, this is an awesome business model for you. Be it any kind of music there is always an audience for it ( either to listen to it -or- learn it ). So yes, you can choose to distribute your music via. iTunes, Spotify etc. -or- you can choose to teach music to people willing to learn online & you can charge a god fee for it. Music and related categories always prove to be some of he best business ideas in 2020 for women.
  • Online Tutoring: You are good at something? Teach it to someone & they will be more than glad to pay you for the knowledge. There are tons of online tutoring sites like UDEMY, LYNDA etc. where you can enrol as an expert or teacher and offer your tutoring services. You can get access to a worldwide market and teach students from various countries sitting in your home in front of your laptop. If you do not wish to offer your services on other sites, you can choose to setup a simple website explaining your courses. And you can use online streaming services like Skype, Zoom etc. to teach online and collect payments via. PayPal, Stripe etc. Online tutoring is considered one of the most exciting and satisfactory small business ideas in 2020 for women.
  • Virtual Assistant: Its a busy world. Gone are the times that only C level executives need an assistant. In the present world anyone who is busy and runs things in parallel need more help. Most of the times trying to have a full time assistant can prove to be way out of the budget & hence the popularity of the rising concept of virtual assistants. This can be one of the most beneficiary business ideas of 2020 for women. Being a virtual assistant has 2 advantages: You get to work from your home right from your computer, You can be a virtual assistant for more than 1 person and charge based hourly, You also get to know new people who’s contacts matter. You can offer your services on a variety of online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork etc.
  • Bridal store: A bridal store is an evergreen business. Every religion in the world has the common practice of marriage. And marriage comes with traditional / modern outfits for both the bride & bridegroom. That is marriage is an occasion where everyone are ready to spend. So it makes perfect sense to setup a business around this occasion. A bridal store can have anything related to weddings for sale ( from apparels, utensils to honeymoon packages ). You can choose to have an offline store and also sell the products online via. your own online store or on marketplaces like eBay, Etsy etc. For sure a bridal store is one of the evergreen business ideas of 2020 for women.

Next: Family business ideas for couples

Writer Duo: This is considered one of the best business ideas for couples. Since you both understand each other very well, streaming a line of thought as either a blog or a story etc. is very easy. There are many blogs that facilitate writer duo coverage. Writing anything in this fashion helps to get work done quick with a lot more quality and speed. You can charge a god premium for your services or you can earn by writing interesting topics online and having Ads.

Catering: I wouldn't call it an Online business idea ( but you can always attach the online component to it ). When it comes to family the word that gets automatically tagged is food. Everybody loves home made food & there is a separate market for it. This factor makes catering one of the perfect business ideas for couples in 2020. If you love food or love cooking, team up with your better half to make it into a successful business. Start small by making dishes you are really good at and supply it to your neighbors. Get regular feedback from them & improve on it. Next start supplying food packages to nearby hotels. As you start getting more orders go ahead and start selling it online on Food delivery services. Remember Food is a very profitable area and always has an evergreen market to it. The more niche you become ( eg: Vegan food, food for children, Seafood etc. ) there is always a specialty market awaiting to pay and taste your dishes. If someone is happy with your taste, they will for sure recommend it to their friends.

Tuition Services: As grown ups one thing we all acquire through time is knowledge. The knowledge comes to us via. various means( the two means being experience & education ). Imagine the amount of knowledge you and your life partner might have acquired all your life. Yes, there is a huge market awaiting to pay you to share your knowledge. One of the best and self satisfactory business ideas in 2020 is to start a Tuition service. Evaluate and find the areas in which your expertise lies in. Post in local forums, classifieds etc. about your offering. For sure there will be a lot of students ready to pay for your service. You can also choose to teach on online tutoring services like Udemy, Vedantu who have the students waiting ready for you.

Dog Walking: Its a busy world out there. Everyone in every home rush out for work, school etc. in the morning and return late in the night. Many also work on weekends to make some extra cash. If they find some free time on Weekends and holidays they take rest. In this busy life people have no time for their pets. This is an opportunity by itself. Being a couple, you can offer your services to walk your neighbors pets ( Dog, Cat etc. ). Dog Walking is already a hot business model in busy cities like Los Angeles, New York etc. ( with even niche mobile app marketplaces for it ). So yes, Pet walking is one of the healthy and niche business ideas in 2020.

Business ideas
Business ideas

Bed & Breakfast: This is a fast catching business model among house wife’s and stay at home partners / couples. As the world of tourism improve rapidly there are travelers from different parts of the world travelling at will across the globe. Many prefer a home stay than a hotel. You can start small by renting a portion of your home to guests. As the business gains momentum, you can rent houses nearby and keep renting it. There are many famous online marketplaces where you can list your stay / home ( Ex: Airbnb ). People are ready to pay a good sum for your hospitality. B&B is for sure one of the most stable and steady business ideas in 2020.

Next: One man business ideas

Drop Shipping: For sure this can be called as the perfect era of Drop Shipping. With the internet penetration in all countries and increased usage, everything is accessible everywhere across the globe. All you need to do is analyze the demand of products across countries and find where on earth you can find these products for cheap ( with quality ). Once you find the best place you can source these products from, all you need to do is connect the demand with the supply. You can start by putting up the product for sale on online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay etc. Once an order is placed, ship the product directly from the source to the destination. Via. Drop shipping you can sell thousands of products across the globe by just sitting in front of your computer. Drop shipping is for sure one of the best one man business ideas for 2020.

Errands: This is an evergreen one. In fact this has been there for ages. Everyone wants someone to run an errand for them. Be it fetching their laundry, Shopping groceries, Getting some stationary etc. there is always some errand that someone wants to get done. Being an errand runner in your neighborhood can always keep you in business. Thanks to the web, there are also spectacular daily errand marketplaces like Task Rabbit etc. where you can register. Once you register and mention your specialty, you get notifications of errands wanted in your location. You can also slowly scale up to start an errand providing company with a fleet of errand runners in your team.

Translator: Being a translator is one the most easiest and convenient one man business ideas for 2020. For sure, you will know at least one extra language. All you need to do is teach this language to the willing. People are always eager to learn an extra tongue & happy to pay for it. Since its a language you know fluently, its cake walk for you to provide quality. The best part is there are so many online tutor sites where you can register and get students signup for your service effortlessly. Once you have people ready to learn from you, next is just sitting in front of your computer and start teaching ( Now things are so convenient, you can also open such apps on your mobile phone teach on the go as well )

Public relations: The only eligible criteria for this is to have a good rapport with journalists. If you can easily arrange for meetups between journalists and business owners, this can become one of the most rewarding one man business ideas for 2020. Politicians, Startups, Businesses, celebrities etc. need good and continues PR. If you are the man who can provide or facilitate that, for sure you are sitting on a huge fortune. Think and setup a quick, neat and professional process for your PR activities and start approaching people with your offering. Since payment for this type of service is based results, there is a 100% possibility that your customers will pay you once things happen.

Business ideas 2020
Business ideas 2020

Event planning: You can call it the most exciting one man business ideas for 2020. If you love the fun of planning events, this model is a dream come true for you. The market is huge ( starting from your neighborhood ). Everyone has numerous events in their life ( Birthday, Wedding, Baby shower etc. ). And they would surely need help in organizing and conducting the events. You can be that event organizer they are looking for. You can charge them based on Hours, Fixed or on a percentage commission basis. As you grow, you can keep adding more people under you and start a event planning company.

Next: Electronics business ideas

Smart Door Bell: Gadgets are becoming the darling of the internet. People love spending on creative gadgets that provides a unique solution to them. In this line a smart door bell can be one of the smartest Electronics business ideas in 2020. The market for you in this is very clearly defined. Make a Wifi / GSM enabled Doorbell that works in sync with a mobile app. The doorbell can be rung with a button on it & a camera in the doorbell will streaming the person outside to the mobile app. Since the doorbell is connected to the Wifi in your home, you can see who rings the bell from even your office. All you need to do is build a good rapport with gated community managers. Do a door to door sales pitch in each community and for sure you will get a bagful of orders. There are many players in the market like Ring etc. But you can always start one in your locality and make it a big hit.

Online Business ideas
Online Business ideas

A Smart Bag: This is the age of everything becoming smart. Thanks to the iOT wave, Software and hardware concepts are combined to give out amazing gadgets that are connected to the internet. In this row, a smart Bag can be one of the most profitable Electronics business ideas in 2020. A smart bag is also easy to make. You can have perfect bags made by a good vendor. Fill the bag with the most essential things that can make it smart. Power bank, Solar charger, GSM to track the bag if lost during travel etc. If you can also add some life saving things inside like material that can keep a human afloat in water etc. it can be a compelling product in the market.

Business ideas 2019
Business ideas 2019

Smart water bottle: It is a fitness world. People go to gym, cycle, run etc. Everyone carries a water bottle for obvious reasons. So its a proven thing that there is a huge market for water bottles among fitness freaks. So why not a smart water bottle? The bottle comes with a mobile app that alerts the owner of dehydration in a timely manner. If executed properly, smart water bottle can be one of the most innovative Electronics business ideas of 2020. All you need to do is start by networking in your community and find spots that are visited by fitness enthusiasts in your neighborhood. Put up a banner or stall in Gyms, Hotels etc. advertising the innovation in your smart water bottle. You can also sell on line and advertise to people interested in the fitness category.

Movie Goggles: Its already happening as you read this & it has a huge market. As we all know the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Cinema is a major part of the entertainment industry. People love watching movies in theaters more than anything ( TV, computer, mobile etc. ). How about bringing the theatrical movie watching experience to every movie one watches?. Yes, it can be done via. a Goggles that stimulates a 70 mm screen in your mind. With ear phones attached, it becomes the perfect movie watching experience. Such goggles are readily available already in China. You can brand them and ship it to your locality and sell offline and online. Movie lovers will buy it plug it in their mobile phones and watch movies anywhere ( home, Travel etc. ). Add a bit more innovation to it like an app for live streaming etc. and you have one of the best Electronics business ideas of 2020.

Smart Shoes: One of the reasons to have ‘Smart Shoes’ in the list of best Electronics business ideas of 2020, is its evergreen. Generally sales becomes easy when you have your target market already defined. Its also safe to be in a well proven market already. Footwear is a market that has been there for long and will be there always. There are hundreds of successful companies in this sector ( Nike, Adidas etc. ) While the entire world is becoming smart in all areas, making a smart shoe startup can be a good thing to do. If you can pinpoint a niche in the shoes sector and make it smart for that niche alone ( eg: Athletes, Business people etc. ), the route to success is even shorter. Since a man is always in his shoes, you can bring in a variety of sensors etc. inside the smart shoe. The shoe should be coupled up with a mobile app in the offering. The shoe should be able to communicate with the app and pass on various vital information like Heart rate, Distance walked, weight etc. And with all this data, you can do complex calculations and provide your users with various insights.

Business ideas
Business ideas

Next: Easy small town business ideas that work.

Cup Cake shop: Among cakes the most fancy one is the cup cake. People of all ages love the cup cake as it has a sort of an emotional connect. Cup cakes are cute and can be decorated for any occasion ( Birthday, Christmas, Farewell etc. ). All this says that there is a big and evergreen market for this type of cakes in every small town, village, county etc. All you need to do is build some passion in this area and come up with creative ideas. A cup cake shop can be one of the most easy small town business ideas in 2020 that work. As you grow famous in your locality, you can start shops in the near by towns one after the other. You can also look in to franchise & online sales.

Lending Library: Nothing like a good old library in a small town. People are fond of reading and spending peaceful moments in a silent library. The business model has been built through ages & all you require is to execute it. Since you know most of the people in your town, try to collect all the un-used books & setup a small lending library. Lend out books for a fixed fee. As the business starts growing also add New books for sale ( you can purchase it from vendors ). As you get more revenue also plan on selling online. A lending library can be one of the most profitable small town business ideas in 2020, that can give you recurring income.

Business ideas 2020
Business ideas 2020

Shuttle Service: Starting a business in a small town has a lot of advantages. A small area to cover, Easy to create a brand, You know the pulse of the audience etc. Having all this in mind, starting a small shuttle service to transport people from one part of the town to other can be one of the steadiest small town business ideas in 2020. The a need to travel locally is always there and you know the town. All you need to do is mortgage a small van ( or maybe buy a used one ) and start your service. As you keep stopping on important stops and boarding people, they will get used to your timing. Quickly your shuttle service will need more fleet and you can scale. You can also modernize it by having an app the informs passengers on the shuttle arrival, the upcoming stops, timing & also buying tickets on a click.

Profitable Business ideas 2019
Profitable Business ideas 2019

Edible Mushroom farming: The reason to be very specific on Mushroom is that edible mushrooms are easy to grow and does not require any specialized farming knowledge. And there is a huge market for Mushroom delicacy lovers. Other advantage of Mushroom farming is that it requires minimal resources. You can infact cultivate mushrooms in your home garden. Cultivating and selling Mushrooms can be one of the easiest small town business ideas in 2020. The more pure, clean and fresh your mushroom is, more the demand you will have. As your demand grows, you can also concentrate on the packaging and branding.

Retail Store: This can be started as a small store that sells only a few items ( can also be just a fancy store as well ). Do your homework on where you can procure items at a very low cost & make a list of all those items. Call up the stores where these items are sold and get them in lots ( You can also get items from China ). Start by selling at a very low margin, so you get the name as the most economical store in town. Study what items your customers buy more & start stocking more varieties of those items. As business grows, start more branches and also try to scale up to the nearby town. If executed well, it can become on the most profitable small town business ideas in 2020.

Most lucrative business ideas to start with little money

Car wash: Infact this can be done with no money at all. Choose a community or apartment and offer car wash service.Let them know that the car will be washed on site where their car is parked. For sure you can make a list of all the people in a particular area who are interested in this service. Then you can get people to wash the list of cars everyday for an agreed pay. You can easily top the amount with your commission and collect from customers.Car washing service can be one the quickest business idea in 2020 to start with little money.

Easy Business ideas 2019
Easy Business ideas 2019

Insurance Consultant: This one is solid. One of the biggest advantages of becoming an insurance consultant is that the income is recurring one. Insurance is a very matured industry and there are a lot many different types of plans and packages you can promote easily. All you need to do is register as a consultant with 3 -4 companies. Next start from your close friends / relatives and keep going up the ladder via. reference. Everyone will require some sort of insurance and you can be the person providing that. Soon you can even start an Insurance agency and become a re-seller for various banks. This can be one of the best recurring money providing business ideas in 2020 to start with little money.

Metal Scrapping: Though this seems to be a bit of a over used word, there is always lot of money in this. All you need to do is conduct a door to door checkup in your community for waste metals in their home, garage, shed etc. Gather all the waste metal and segregate it based on the metal type ( iron, zinc, copper etc. ). Your neighbors will be more than happy to give it for 2 reasons: Getting rid of the junk, the small compensation you would give them. Every county will have its own scrap metal dealer to whom you can hand over your collection for good returns. Scrap meal can be own of the most rewarding business ideas in 2020 to start with little money. As you start making money, you can in fact provide an online solution for people to report waste metal to you, so you can arrange for a collection.

Cool Business ideas 2019
Cool Business ideas 2019

Caregiver for elders: This is a very matured market and since it is a service, money is on the table. Like baby sitting, many are in need of this service for themselves or for people they know. All you need to do is make a list of all the homes in your locality where there are elderly people. Prepare a table of days you are free & the sort of activities you can help with. Then approach each one and let them know of your service with your available dates / rates. Soon you will find all your slots are booked and you will need more people to work under you. You can also post a listing about your service in local classified sites. Care giving service for elders can be one of the most noble business ideas in 2020 to start with little money.

Resume writing services: All you need is good English knowledge and you can immediately start monetizing it via. this model. Search online for 10 to 15 good resume samples and templates and keep it handy. Put up your service and the details along with rates on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork etc. There are thousands of job seekers worldwide who need help in perfecting their job profiles. You will no time start getting requests for improving their existing CV’s and writing out fresh resumes. The more trendy and eye-catching you create profiles for people, the more famous you will start becoming in this sector. As you get more orders than you an handle, you can even hire people and scale your business. Resume writing services is easily one of the easiest business ideas in 2020 to start with little money.


How important is execution when starting with a new business idea?

Its a saying that business ideas are plenty in the world. Execution is what matters the most. You can start with any idea and that is just 1% of the entire equation. The main part is how you understand the market, What sort of people are there in your team to get things done & how soon you start generating any sort of revenue. Most business fail because of bad execution strategy. Take a look at this video that speaks about strategy:

What are the advantages of taking an Offline business - Online?

One of the main advantages in taking an offline business Online is the ease of accessibility to your services by your customers. A unified and instant communication about your offering to your subscribers. Enabling & automating your delivery. Instant support. Getting regular feedback and escalations. Going one layer above, your offline business gets easily scaled to locations that be very difficult in the regular methods- which in turn gives your business the competitive edge over your competitors. Also you get an overall control over business in all aspects and you easy maintenance.

How do you take an offline Business online?

Taking an offline business Online is more of strategic planning than just technology. You would need to first figure out all the moving parts & non moving parts of your offline business. Make a list of all the practices & process followed till date. Bring in all the areas that you think the customer can manage himself and those that you would need to manage as an admin. Most important of all decide very clearly under what category your business comes. Once you have all the information, start with creating a detailed requirements document for the features you would require. Once that is done search the web for the best software that is readily available and get it. Then you can get a web / mobile development agency to get your online Business idea into a live portal.

How to increase online sales?

In 2020, there is a new online sales revolution that is happening. The way things used be sold online is becoming all the more advanced and clever. With the raise of so many mediums like Social Media, Bots, Apps etc. one should 100% rethink their sales strategies. While there are plenty of business ideas in 2019, the main focus should be on sales. You need a very flexible and scalable sales strategy in place. You need more automation put in place, so you have very less human dependency and more work is done automatically in a processed manner.

We have also started compiling the list of Business ideas for 2020.

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