PYRAMID Technique for Recurring Traffic

Startup Marketing Strategy and ideas ( Chapter 2 )

Get regular quality TRAFFIC that just CONVERTS!

When I use the word ‘Traffic’, we mean only ‘targeted visitors’ and not junk traffic. In this section we are going to achieve 2 things:
1.) Construct a hack to get laser targeted visitors.
2.) Crush competition by attracting the potential customers of your competitors.

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Let’s start,

1.) Make a list of your competitors ( The BIGGEST ones in the market )

There is always a huge search for the “vs.” keywords online. Ex: UBER vs. Lyft, Magento vs. Shopify, MailChimp vs. Mailgun, Zen Desk vs. Fresh Desk, Salesforce vs. PipeDrive, Spigen cases vs. OtterBox cases etc. ( The search volume is in Millions! ).
All you need to do is. Take a list of your competitors ( Ex: A,B,C,D ) and create a mix match comparison ie. A vs. B, A vs. C, A vs. D, B vs. C, B vs. D etc. Now add your company/product as the 3rd to all the combinations ie. A vs. B vs. X, A vs. C vs. X, A vs. D vs. X, B vs. C vs. X, B vs. D vs. X ( where X is your product ). And write 600+ words articles on each comparison.

For example check this post HERE:

Next find a list of all blogs in your business category, and guest post it there ( you can use Fiverr to find the list. Each post costs just $5 )

These posts will rank in search for the keywords easily. For example when someone searches for Salesforce vs. Pipe Drive, your article ie. Salesforce vs. PipeDrive vs. Your-Product comes. The visitor will for sure, come to your page to check out what your product is about.

2.) Review your competitors ( The medium ones )

Again, we all know people search for reviews before purchase. Which means they will be searching for your competitors review as well. So why dont you write a review for each of your competitors? Same as above. Post articles on blogs & have a banner which speaks about your product. Since its in the same category, visitors will check out your product as well.
For Example check this article here:

3.) Alternatives for your competitors

The 3rd type of search which happens in huge volumes is like this: “<Your competitor name> alternative” Ex: Dropbox Alternative. The same approach again > Write a 700+ article for each of your competitor alternatives and promote your product/company.

4.) Informational Search about your Competitor

For every famous app present ( also the medium famous ), there are hundreds & thousands of people searching various queries about the app. For example: How to use UBER, How to delete whatsapp, Tinder icons meaning, Spothero promo code etc.

Step 1: Make a list of all your competitors, business to which your target audience go, Apps they use etc.

Step 2: Find all the keywords related to the above competitors / Businesses which people search for online. Use Google Keyword Planner, it shows related keywords & the number of searches the keyword has each month ( If you dont know how to use Google keyword planner. Learn it here -or- outsource to someone like this for a cheap price).

Note: In the ‘Help Gear’ of this eBook, There is brief explanation of How to use Google Keywords tool.

Step 3: Write a blog post on each of the keywords. Please dont underestimate this activity. Even if you are on the 5th page of search engines, you can easily attract 4000–10,000 target customers each month ( and believe me, if you write a 700+ words article, you can easily come on top ). Or to make it easy, you can contact blogs like these and create such articles ( and it will very quickly shoot up to the 1st page of search results, as the blogs are respected in their categories by search engines ), You can also request them to include / promote you as a banner in the post ( which they actually do )

Do the above and for sure, in a months time you will see atleast 5000 to 10000 target customers coming your way.

With these hacks, you should start getting some good targeted visitors to your site — continually.

Stop. All the above hacks follow an organic methodology to bring in visitors. But most often it’s wise to validate the market & your product with some instant traffic. ( So you understand the buying potential of your visitors )

In case conversions are not happening as desired, you get enough insight on why your visitors are not buying. This information is very important ( So, If required you can pivot early on, with the wisdom the instant traffic provides )

For this, let’s spend a little money on Ads. With this you will be able to achieve that instant traffic for doing your scoop analysis.

Scoop analysis for Validating Your Product-Market fit & Landing Page:

If asked a question: Where would you advertise online? You should be able to mention only one destination. ( Not more than one)
If you have done your homework properly, you can do that. 
Say for example, you sell iPhone Cases online ( Both on your website & on Amazon ). Your Ad budget is $500. Now there are 2 basic possibilities to Advertise:
1.) On Google Search Ads.
2.) Inside Amazon itself.

Both the above channels give targeted high quality visitors, Both will fetch results. But, on the other hand we know that both the channels can exhaust your $500 Ad Budget in just a minute. Now you would need to ask yourself 
which among the above 2 channels is best & spend the entire $500 only on that one channel ( provided you are very sure that is the best channel ).
You spend on Google Search: You get targeted visitors. But how much of a probability is there for them to convert to buyers?
You spend on Amazon Ads: You get targeted visitors. But the probability of your visitors buying is more here. As they have come inside a shopping site & it’s safe to assume that they are here to Buy!

On the other hand, if you are not sure: Dont Assume. Split your budget & spend it equally on all channels you have decided upon & then learn from the conversion, which is the best channel to spend all your Ads budget on ( 
you would be amazed to see how some of the most prominent channels does NOT work for your product )

Once you find your best converting Ads channel, Advertize for a small budget.
Via. this Ad campaign, you will get to see if your target audience are Buying your product or not and What is the conversion ratio.

If you have a decent conversion ratio. You have a winning product — winning market & a winning landing page :) Please proceed in full speed & implement ‘the sales instrument’ right away! If you are not getting a decent conversion ratio- don’t panic (Most face this issue). The good part is: You found this early on. Lets correct it. It will for sure fall in one of these sections: 
1.) Your user is not understanding your product
2.) Landing page is not good enough
3.) Your Pricing strategy is wrong
4.) You are targeting the wrong audience.

Note: In the ‘help gear’ section there is a brief explanation on how to create effective Ads for Google, Amazon & 
facebook. Check it out.

To be continued…