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Nov 4, 2017 · 1 min read


Ok, lets be very clear on what we want first ( many a times we think we know…but No! And that’s sadly the reason behind things not working out as expected ).

Let me tell first,

I need conversions. Period ( whatever way it comes )

be it via Search traffic, Referral, Social…anything. As long as it converts to buyers ie. People who pay us money online … Simple :)

So to achieve such conversions, we need a series of HACKs. HACKs that show results soon. And those that does not cost much as well ( well, we are startups right? )

Get regular quality TRAFFIC that just CONVERTS!

Not just a series of working hacks, but a mechanism to tie up all these powerful hacks. In a way they start working in an automated manner that yields you results even while you sleep.

This entire process of implementing these powerful hacks -and- tieing them up to create a powerful Sales Instrument is what this eBook explains in detail.

Next Chapter: PYRAMID Technique for Recurring Traffic

Other not so important stuff:


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