4 Tips for Redesigning the Lighting in Your Home

Redesigning lighting might not be high on your home décor to-do list, but it can make a huge impact on the feel of your home and your budget. As with most redesigning, a lighting project is an investment that will ultimately pay off over the long term when it comes to style, comfort, and energy efficiency. If you’re considering taking on a lighting redesign throughout your home, here are some top tips from the experts to make the whole process as simple as possible.

Think About Design Style

Perhaps the driving force behind your revamp is your design style. Maybe you’ve purchased a new home or are redoing other areas of your house that your current lighting doesn’t work with. Either way, a shift in design style is a great place to start with your home lighting. If you’re embracing a more modern, contemporary style with your new lighting, consider utilizing this Satin/Chrome Earile Floor Lamp or this Chrome/White Shath Floor Lamp.

Consider Adding Control Options

Dimmer switches, motion sensor lights, and remote controlled lamps are all great ways to redesign and reinvent some of the lighting in your home. They are also great ways to increase energy efficiency and convenience when it comes to lighting. This Bronze Ceiling Fan can be easily connected to a remote control, just as this Satin Chrome Darwro Desk Lamp[AW1] [NS2] would be great with a dimmer switch.

Balance the Lighting

Many homeowners who are not design savvy will simply put lighting where they need it. While this is a good starting point, you must also remember the balance the lighting in the rooms throughout your home. Layering light sources is the best way to ensure a balanced room. Focus on primary areas that are used most often by giving them task or accent lighting fixtures, and then work your way out to less focal areas with ambient and decorative lighting. This Oil Brushed Bronze Table Lamp can be used in less important areas of the room to add balance, while this Lua Polished Nickel Floor Lamp[AW1] [NS2] will work either in focal areas or as background lighting in a less prominent space.


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