Collective Disruption Author + Veteran Tech Consultant featured at Innovation Summit

The best and brightest innovators, entrepreneurs and investors in the world of startup-driven innovation are getting together at the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit, in Lincoln, NE, on June 19–21.

See a full list of speakers HERE and check back often for updates.

Speakers will offer startups and corporate innovators practical tools and techniques for accelerating and injecting innovation into organizations.

Two new speakers announced include the author of Collective Disruption: How Corporations and Startups Can Co-create Transformative New Businesses and a veteran tech innovation journalist, advisor and mentor.

Michael Docherty — Author of Collective Disruption, Next Big, Venture2

Michael Docherty brings unique perspectives to growth and innovation, having been an entrepreneur, senior corporate executive and venture capitalist. It might explain why he’s passionate about the intersection of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.

He is the author of the recent book Collective Disruption: How Corporations and Startups Can Co-create Transformative New Businesses (Polarity Press 2015). The book provides established companies with a practical playbook for plugging into the startup ecosystem to fuel and incubate new businesses as entrepreneurial ventures.

Docherty is the founder and managing director of Next Big, a unique company that creates and commercializes digital and IoT-enabled businesses in partnership with leading corporations, using a shared risk/reward venturing model.

Docherty is also CEO of Venture2, a growth and innovation consulting firm that helps leading companies transform their innovation capabilities, build innovation ecosystems and accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough new products, services and business models.

Docherty holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School and BSME degree from Drexel University. He is a frequent speaker on innovation and corporate venturing and an active supporter of the entrepreneurial community.

Chris Shipley — Journalist, Analyst, Startup Mentor

Chris Shipley has spent more than 30 years entrenched in the technology industry as a journalist, analyst, event producer and startup mentor, roles that provided a front-row seat to the transformations — positive and otherwise — brought about by digital innovation.

Chris has documented, influenced, and predicted the impact of technology on business and society. As a journalist, she covered the tech industry for leading publishing companies throughout the 80s and 90s. As an analyst, she identified innovative startups that create markets and drive positive change. As an event producer, she led the DEMO Conference where she identified ground-breaking products such as, TiVO, VMWare, among many others, and helped their founders bring them to market (were those companies an investment portfolio, they would have a market value exceeding $60 billion today.) As a mentor, she has advised hundreds of companies on positioning, business modeling, and innovation practices.

In late 2012, Chris wound down the startup media and advisory firm she co-founded and began a journey that would take her back to her roots as a journalist and photographer, documenting what she sees, connecting dots among conversations and data, and drawing new insights about how things are, and more importantly, how they will be.

Today, Chris is focuses her writing, speaking, photo journalism and advocacy on the human and organizational challenges in the face of technology- and economically-driven disruption. She is writing a book on the future of work to prepare leaders to thrive in a more capabilities- and collaborative-based future, and she helps organizations identify and align their business culture to unlock their innovation potential.

Hosted by Econic and the Inside/Outside Innovation podcast team, the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is a 3-day national conference that will bring together high-growth startups and corporate innovators to collide and engage with new startups, new technologies, new business models and new talent. It will also feature hands-on learning sessions and a $100k investment pitch competition.

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