In Case You Missed Yesterday’s Techonomy Health NYC

The I/O Summit partnered with Techonomy to promote innovation in healthcare and technology. Check the Techonomy agenda here and don’t forget to finalize your plans for the I/O Summit, June 19–21, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What you may have missed..

  • Possibilities with AI in healthcare innovation: More data would help researchers develop stronger AI, hospitals are slow to open that data to everyone for privacy / legal reasons.
  • Keeping populations healthy from the start vs treating their sicknesses: Esther Dyson is financing her project Way to Wellville. From their site — “We rely too much on medical care to treat what didn’t have to go wrong to begin with. And we pay dearly for it. So five communities across the U.S. are changing this by addressing the factors that send too many of us to the clinic, hospital and pharmacy, factors that determine whether we get sick in the first place.”
  • Wellness in large organizations: Ariana Huffington presented with JP Morgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau. Ariana’s new company, Thrive Global, helps employees at JP and other organizations stay well.
  • Creating the human genome: One panel explored the possibilities, pros / cons of manipulating the human genome. A pro: protect against disease. One con: Potentially very dangerous. Consensus was that more international collaboration between researchers was imperative.

Here is a recommended reading list from the Techonomy Health crowd (books mentioned by speakers during presentations):

Biology of Desire

Cutting for Stone

The Fuzzy and Techies

Junk DNA

Motivational Interviewing (the concept, no book in particular)

Weapons of Math Destruction


Incoherence of Philosophers

The Digital Doctor

Hope to see you all in Lincoln next month!

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