Lean Startup, Agile Experts Prepare to Speak at June’s Summit

The Inside/Outside Innovation Summit, to be held on June 19–21 in Lincoln, NE, has selected leading corporate and startup innovation speakers that offer practical tools and techniques for accelerating and injecting innovation into organizations.

2 new speakers include a Lean Startup Coach/Innovation Ecosystem Designer and a Scaling Innovation Expert/Experience-driven Product Strategy Champion.

Find a full list of speakers HERE and check back often for updates.

Tristan Kromer— Kromatic

Tristan Kromer helps product teams go fast.

As a lean startup coach and founder of Kromatic, Tristan works with innovation teams to run at least one experiment/research per week to improve their product and business model.

For larger companies and governments, Tristan and his team work with teams and leaders to build innovation ecosystems. They have worked with companies ranging from early stage startups with zero revenue to established businesses with >$10M USD revenue (Kiva, JustAnswer, StumbleUpon) to enterprise companies with > $1B USD revenue. (Swisscom, Pitney Bowes, Fujitsu, LinkedIn)

With his remaining hours, Tristan volunteers his time with Lean Startup Circle and blogs at GrasshopperHerder.com. Download his Lean Startup Playbook here.

Janice Fraser— Bionic

Janice Fraser is a recognized expert on emerging management practices to support innovation at scale. She has coached many organizations including the White House, Navy Seals Training Command, Lyft, and Proctor & Gamble.

In her current role, Janice is the Senior Vice President of Bionic. Bionic is an enterprise growth solution that works with critical teams within the largest companies to move rapidly from promising idea to scaled commercialization.

In her previous role, Janice enabled Pivotal’s quickly scaling teams to apply Lean and Agile methodologies to solve critical business issues. 
Before joining Pivotal, Janice was the founder of six startup companies, and was among the scant few hundred female CEOs to raise venture capital between 2011 and 2014. Among her startups, Janice was founder and CEO of Luxr, an early Lean Startup firm, as well as Adaptive Path, the world’s first User Experience firm.”

In her public life, she is a teacher rather than a pundit. She has been a guest lecturer at a long list of schools, conferences, and organizations, including Haas, Stanford, and Kellogg. Although Time magazine once called her a “grizzled and cynical veteran” of the dot-com era, she remains an idealistic champion of experience-driven product strategy.

Hosted by Econic and the Inside/Outside Innovation podcast team, the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is a 3-day national conference that will bring together high-growth startups and corporate innovators to collide and engage with new startups, new technologies, new business models and new talent. It will also feature hands-on learning sessions and a $100k investment pitch competition.

For more information or to register go to https://www.theiosummit.com