Lean Enterprise Transformation Expert and High-Stakes Presentation Coach Spotlighted at Innovation Summit

Innovators, entrepreneurs and investors in the world of startup-driven innovation are gathering at the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit, June 19–21, in Lincoln, NE.

Thirty-two speakers will offer startups and corporate innovators practical tools and techniques for accelerating and injecting innovation into organizations. This is the first time a collection of global innovators of this caliber has gathered in the Midwest.


Two new speakers announced include Jonathan Bertfield, partner at Spinnaker, a consulting firm focused on supporting Lean Enterprise transformations and Nathan Gold, also known as The Demo Coach, who helps people prepare for high-stakes presentations

See a full list and bios of more than 32 speakers HERE and check back often for updates.


Jonathan Bertfield has deep experience leading Lean and Agile-inspired change inside large organizations.

He is a partner at Spinnaker, a consulting firm focused on supporting Lean Enterprise transformations. Prior to Spinnaker he helped drive and support a global transformation initiative at Pearson, along with leadership positions at education, news and media companies and startups including News Corp, Scholastic, Sesame Workshop and Pearson. His work leverages a deep expertise in Lean Startup, Customer Driven Development, Lean User Experience, and Agile best practices.

Jonathan is a senior faculty member at the Lean Startup Company, delivering workshops, coaching and executive mentoring at organizations such as Legal Zoom, Microsoft, Merck and the US Dept. of Defense, as well as an instructor in General Assembly’s Enterprise division engaged with clients such as AXA, Citibank, Marriott, USAA and Centrica.

Jonathan received a Law degree from the University of Leeds in England, and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and 3 kids.

You can listen to Jonathan Bertfield, an expert on lean startup & partner at Spinnaker, on Episode 41 of @theiopodcast


Nathan Gold, also known as The Demo Coach, hails from the San Francisco where he spends his days coaching people around the world on how to prepare for high-stakes presentations through workshops, keynotes, live streaming and 1:1 sessions both in person and online.

Gold has personally delivered over 15,000 presentations and 12,000+ hours of professional coaching and training. He has worked with all types of companies on designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations.

He is an Industry Fellow at the UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, a guest lecturer and pitch coach at Wharton Entrepreneurship, is featured on Kauffman Founders School and he is a published author.

Hosted by Econic and the Inside/Outside Innovation podcast team, the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is a 3-day national conference that will bring together high-growth startups and corporate innovators to collide and engage with new startups, new technologies, new business models and new talent. It will also feature hands-on learning sessions and a $100k investment pitch competition.

For more information or to register go to https://www.theiosummit.com