Hello Economic Freedom.
Conrad Shaw

>Please don’t respond if you can’t muster something that is actually germane to me and my article. I would rather not see another copy and paste essay from you.

In that case, how about just a simple, “Fuck off, you economics ignoramus”? Will that suffice?

Sorry, but “Art Is Long; Life Is Short”, and I can’t waste my precious (that is, SCARCE) time arguing against your particular Fantasy Island vision of Utopia. If you don’t grasp the simple point (to take just one example of your silliness) that “consumer wealth” (i.e., demand) is one-half of what determines prices on a free market under division-of-labor, and that “economic value” as reflected in market prices is a social-construct (determined subjectively by both buyers and sellers), then you have no business discussing anything at all about economics.

If someone asked you, “Hey, Conrad, old chum, what’s your opinion about Medieval Tibetan Naturopathic Dentistry?” you’d probably say (if you were intellectually honest), “Gee, uh, I don’t have any opinion. Sounds interesting, but frankly, I don’t know a thing about it.” Yet when it comes to economics — something you clearly know even less about than Medieval Tibetan Naturopathic Dentistry— you’re just full of opinions and confidence that all kinds of wealth redistribution schemes (which have all been tried in the past) can “work” and lead to strong incentives for people to work at productive jobs (“Productive” is a term of art in economics. It means, “Making or doing something that other people find of value and are willing to exchange their products or services for”; it does NOT mean, “Doing something fun and creative that the doer finds compelling while he’s supported by welfare, UBI, or some other dole program”). Dream on, O Great Fantasist.

>naming yourself “Economic Freedom” seems to me disingenuous at best.

If I’m arguing the case for economic freedom (i.e., laissez-faire capitalism under a political system of classical liberalism) why shouldn’t I name myself EconomicFreedom? Seems appropriate to me. In any case, the fun-sounding, clownish monikers like “Conrad Shaw” were already taken, so I had limited choices.

Your entire response suggests a traumatic case of Acute Cognitive Dissonance.

Read the rest of the article on UBI at the Mises.org site that I posted previously. It’s a long shot, but you might learn something.

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