What We Can Learn From Romania’s Complete Abortion Ban
Ilana Gordon

Thanks but no thanks.

  1. That there’s no line-item in the federal budget specifying X-dollars to Planned Parenthood is irrelevant to the discussion over taxpayer funding of abortions; the organization still gets taxpayer money through Medicaid, which, in turn, is funded by taxpayer revenues.
  2. Planned Parenthood has generated revenues through the sale of post-abortion fetal tissue to private companies and universities. Believe it or not, many people object to that practice, finding it frankly repugnant. See:


3. Letting taxpayers keep more of the money they earn — and listening to their objections over where their own tax revenues end up and for what use they are put — is utterly different from the whims of a communist tyrant like Ceausescu in trying to reverse his country’s population decline. The comparison between a Republican American president and a communist dictator is nothing but absurd “virtue signaling.”

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