The right to healthcare, food, and housing is a moral obligation on human society.
Mike Meyer

>The right to healthcare, food, and housing is a moral obligation on human society.

I certainly feel no moral obligation to provide all those things to my neighbors without my consent, their consent, or compensation. Conversely, if I did feel the obligation, for example, to provide for my neighbor’s dental health, then I would also demand the right to reach into his pantry and require that he not eat certain foods, like sticky sweets, potato chips, or anything else that hastens tooth decay and therefore imposes yet more financial burden on me and others. And again, if my other neighbor is a promiscuous gay male and likes to cruise bars looking for hook-ups, then I demand the right to require that he stop his risky behavior lest I and the rest of society be responsible for his HIV medication.

I mean, how fucking intrusive do you want individuals to be toward one another given your premise that we each are morally obligated to provide — at no compensation and without mutual voluntary consent — everything one possibly wants and needs to one another? I certainly don’t want my neighbor intruding into my fridge, and I doubt he wants me to tell him how to manage his sex life. Yet that’s what your particular brand of Utopia entails: everyone intrudes on everyone else.

Here’s the only moral obligation we owe one another in society (and I’m speaking to you personally):

You, Mike Meyer, are morally obligated to keep your greedy, grasping hands OUT of my pocket and OFF my wallet, so that I can be left free and unencumbered to spend what little wealth I have in that wallet — and to direct my energies and actions—in any direction I choose . . . without, of course, physically hurting anyone else, stealing their property, or committing fraud against them.

That’s it. It’s a simple moral imperative that can be summed up like this:


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