Five Things about #HKProtests, via #HKTwitter [9/4/2019]

Since the #HKProtests, #HongKongTwitter is growing as HKers urgently need a way to communicate with outsiders, and try to ask for help.Here, I piece together tweets from different HKers and present the local views on the protests.If you like them, follow them on twitter
  1. The biggest news about Hong Kong protests today is Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced, via a pre-recorded video, that she will propose to withdraw the Extradition Bill, the initial source of the waves of protest lasted 13 weeks.

2. Hong Kong Protesters have, since mid-June, posted the Five Demands, and widrawing the bill is just checking the box for demand no.1.

Here we have The new trending hashtag is — #5DemandsNot1Less

3. Why so stubborn HKers? You might ask.

Many protestors would reply, it is too little too late. Protesters has lost so many… here is a list…

So when international media claim this is a victory for HKers, HKers say they simply misunderstood the whole situation here…


4. So… HKers still need you support. You can do it verbally… Here is a guide…

… or support US Congress passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

5. Last but not least, do you know that Hong Kong police’s misuse of tear gas is now discussed on Nature 👍


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專注寫經濟學同國際經濟嘅獨立記者 | 我個網站係

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