Selection of Cement is Important Before Construction

Choosing Best Cement brand is the most crucial step of construction. cement is one type of gum that tied everything together like bricks, roof, tiles on wall and many more uses of cement. If you want to make wall, pillar or roof strong with the help of cement than necessary to choose good quality cement.

But doubt is that, how to choose good quality cement. Fundamentally, there are two types of cement: Hydraulic and non-hydraulic.

Hydraulic cement is specially produce to stop water-leak in building. It is mostly use in swimming pools for stop active water cracks.

Non-hydraulic cement takes long hours to set. It reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air and offers stable structures.

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Nowadays, There are many brand in market, that are known for their own quality with different cement price . Some of brands are explain here:

Reliance Cement: reliance cement is made of smart-wash technique that gives a proper finishing to the floor and makes the building smart from the outside and inside.

Birla Gold Cement: birla gold cement manufactures Portland Pozzolona Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Slag Cement.

Coromandel Cement: coromandel cement is a higher strength cement that meets the needs of the consumer for higher strength concrete. It is used in all types of RCC constructions.

Ultratech Cement: One of the trusted brands in India. ultratech cement as a brand embodies ‘strength’, ‘reliability’ and ‘innovation’. It can be used from the scratch to plastering, flooring and masonry to build a perfect building that is strong from the inside.

Ambuja Cement: Ambuja cement is also reliable brand for people in construction industry. ambuja cement known for it’s high-performance for every segments.

So, before build house or office, need to consult with supplier for proper examination to choose better quality cement that make your place a strong for safe living.