Your best work right now sucks.
J. A. Westenberg 🌈

Reminds me of “License to Suck” which says “in creating art of any sort, sucking is inevitable, it is unavoidable, and it is indispensable. If you have failed to make something that sucks, that means that you have attempted nothing. Everyone you have ever admired made sucky stuff. Everyone. Have the courage to suck, to be dissatisfied with sucking, and to keep trying.”

I have it on a little piece of paper, business-card size, and for awhile I carried it with me. It got lost in the move to California last year, only to be found again as I pack up to move out of California.

One thing we forget as writers is that what we produce is meant to be read and critiqued by others. That’s how we get better, and how we improve. People forget, too, the courage required to share your stuff. The Internet can be a judgemental place, and unlike your high school or undergraduate creative writing or English class, stuff posted to the Internet is for all to see. If we choose, we can share all the steps, not just the “bandstand” big show. In the process, we can all get a little bit better, and know we’re not the only ones who suck.

Keeping writing. Keep posting.