Partnership Profile: Maxar Technologies

Jun 27 · 2 min read

The goal: to map the entirety of Australia.

Maxar provides advanced geospatial data and space infrastructure to make global change visible, information and space accessible, and industry transformation possible. Our partnership with Maxar began in 2015 and was founded on a mutual understanding that pixels, specifically pixels from high-resolution satellite imagery, are valuable. Maxar knew that in order to understand the built environment in Australia, current high-resolution imagery was required — but, extracting the building footprints across the entire continent is where Ecopia came in. Leveraging Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery and Ecopia’s sophisticated AI-powered algorithms, we generated the first and only complete map of building footprints for all of Australia. 20 million building footprints were extracted across the 7.692 million km2 continent.

Building Footprints, Australia — 2016

Fast forward to 2019— together, Ecopia and Maxar have completed extractions in over 100 countries around the world — United States, Australia and Tanzania, to name a few - and there is no sign of slowing down!

Barcelona 2019

What is next? Continued growth! At Ecopia our primary goal is to offer the most accurate feature extractions at scale, providing cost effective insights globally. So together with Maxar, and their unsurpassed archive of global high-resolution satellite imagery, we are well positioned to accelerate our growth and realize goals and future potential with Global Feature Extraction Services.

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