Eco plus Carpet Cleaning


Certified in the latest modern technologies, Eco Plus provides a premier quality cleaning service using only the finest eco-friendly non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products that leaves your carpets clean, fresh and healthier for the entire family.

Each year several kilograms of soil can accumulate in and under carpets. A person sheds about 1.5 million skin flakes per hour that ends up in and under carpets. Plus those pesky dust mites thrive in our warm, humid weather by nesting in the dust and causing allergies.

Eco Plus knows how to eliminate unpleasant odours caused by mould and bacteria. We know how to extract the dirt and dust mites and we know how to treat stains.

By steam cleaning your carpets with our non-toxic cleaning products will kill germs, bacteria and mites relieving those with allergies. Our fully qualified technicians leaves your carpets clean and safe for your children and pets.


For many pet owners, having smells and odours in the house is a fact of life. Even the best trained cats and dogs have little accidents from time to time and the smell of wet fur always seems to linger longer than you had hoped.

Removing these smells especially urine can be challenging. We know that as the urine dries, the liquid evaporates, but the urine crystals remain, which concentrates the smell even more!

Our professional team will make sure that all traces of the urine crystals and odour are removed from the carpet and surroundings.