Learning for Regeneration in the Time of Corona

A collection of online classes for increasing self-understanding and sense-making for these complex times

Zambezi River, South Africa (photo credit: World Bank)

“We are being shaped by vast and complex forces into becoming new kinds of people. We are in a situation to choose between profoundly differing images of ourselves — as gods of generosity, knowledge, and care, or as devils of greed, ignorance, and spite...Alone together, with imaginations tortured by uncertainty, we must remake ourselves as spiritual, scientific, and ethical beings. At a certain point, humility about what can be known and done dawns on us, and a great learning process begins. Until then there is no way forward; we must let go of yesterday’s frameworks in order to be ready for tomorrow. This crisis can be characterised in many ways, but it cannot be stressed strongly enough that we are in an abrupt educational crisis of a particular kind.” — Zachary Stein

Exploring the nexus of ecology, (new) economy, education, ethics and existence. Based in Silicon Valley and Singapore.

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