Albrecht Durer Paintings and Woodcuts- Praying Hands Outline and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The German artist did a set of 12 illustrations that helped to make him famous.

Each drawing in the series was transferred to wood and used to make a large number of warm prints. This allowed the young artist to show his work to a larger group of people. Each of the dozen drawings in the Apocalypse series was used to illustrate his edition of the Book of Revelation.

Albrecht Durer is as renowned as the following artists are in their preferred media:

  • Eric Fischl watercolors
  • Romare Bearden collages
  • Printmaker Robert Blackburn

While Durer is known for his prints, this was not the only technique that he used in his art. He also expressed himself through oils and did a self portrait using oil on wood at the age of 28. He had a keen business sense and realized that single paintings would not get him the exposure and profit that he wanted as quickly as he wanted it.

Durer wanted to impact the art world and be recognized for his achievements by others in society during his lifetime. He was very aware of how he was portrayed and ensured that people who saw any of his paintings would know that he was the artist who created the work. Each painting was signed with his initials and the date when the artwork was done. This signature more resembled a modern company’s logo than a name written casually on paper.

Durer pushed to establish a studio of his own and produced a large body of work in his lifetime, employing engravings, paintings and a number of other techniques. He drew inspiration from the methods that were used in different parts of Europe and is widely regarded as a genius.

The artist left Germany and traveled in order to network with painters in Venice. He gained important patrons as a result of his journeys. He achieved his goals and the Holy Roman Emperor gave him the title of Court Painter when Durer was in his forties.

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