Paolo Zamboni- Helping People Cope with Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Coping with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can be difficult. In the first place, people who are affected may start to worry about the cost of keeping themselves as healthy as possible. Then or even before they worry about finances, they may also experience anxiety related to the disease and how it will affect their ability to carry out their day to day activities.

However, it is important to remember that many people have successfully overcome the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. There are prominent celebrities who have fought the disease and many people know of at least one individual who has this illness but wins the battles that they face.

Carswell-Multiple_Sclerosis2 via Wikimedia

Having the right support as you face this illness is important. Within yourself, you can prepare your mind for coping with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. However it also helps to build an external support system. If you are married or have a close friend who you can rely on, you will also need to ensure that you also have other people you can lean on, who will be able to provide help at different times.

Dr. Paolo Zamboni via Wikimedia

In most countries, there are organized groups that focus on persons who are living with multiple sclerosis. These organizations are a valuable source of information on financial help, legal assistance, best practices as it relates to living with the diagnosis and new research or treatments, such as the liberation treatment for multiple sclerosis, developed by Dr. Paolo Zamboni.

Dr. Zamboni developed this treatment after his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. So far, several people have experienced some amount of recovery using the method.

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