Planting Foods to Enjoy with Tatsoi- How to Grow Peppers in Containers

Learning how to grow peppers in containers will provide a quick solution for the gardener who wants to grow peppers to use with tatsoi recipes but does not have a lot of space. Growing peppers in containers is not that different from growing peppers the regular way.

In fact, after you learn how to grow peppers and micro greens in containers you will realize that this method saves you time and energy. Growing peppers in containers takes much less effort in terms of keeping weeds from around your pepper plants. Growing peppers in containers also requires less water than when raising these plants by the regular method.

There are several varieties of peppers which can be successfully grown in containers. If you like Caribbean food, one of your better options when growing peppers in containers are scotch bonnet chillie peppers.

The soil you put in your container should be high in organic matter. Like tomatoes, peppers do well in very fertile soil. If your soil is poor and you need to add fertilizer, choose fertilizer that is high in phosphorous.

Putting fertilizer that is high in nitrogen in the container in which you plant your pepper seedlings will give you very leafy plants but small peppers. In order to get large peppers, use a starting fertilizer high in phosphorous when you first transfer your pepper seedlings to their containers.

Pepper plants like a warm climate. Keep the seedlings inside until the temperature outside is nice and warm. Put the containers on your porch in an area where the plants can receive a lot of sunlight. Water your plants regularly. The soil should be kept moist at all times.

Scotch bonnet chillies are very hot peppers. These hot peppers are used in a wide variety of recipes, including Jamaican jerk. The scotch bonnet chilli peppers add the heat that is one of the traits of Jamaican jerk pork and Jamaican jerk chicken. Scotch bonnet chillies are also used in Jamaican ackee and saltfish, Jamaican pepperpot soup and Jamaican oxtail. Add tatsoi to your pepperpot soup along with peppers for a tasty meal on a Saturday.

How to Cook Tatsoi at Home

Tatsoi mustard is a rich source of several vitamins, including vitamin A and E. You also get magnesium and several other minerals from it. These plants have a mild mustard flavor that goes well with tofu and beef.

Use Tatsoi for Soup

Tatsoi tastes good in soup. Add it to soup with other ingredients that you like. Carrots, sweet potato, callaloo and pumpkin all taste good with these micro greens. Flavor the soup with garlic, Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper, thyme, escallions and onions.

Tatsoi Stir Fry

Have these tasty greens with shrimp or chicken in a stir fry. You can have the stir fry ready in less than half an hour and serve it with rice or another carbohydrate. You may also stir fry tatsoi micro greens with garlic oil, noodles and carrots.

Tatsoi Health Benefits- Growing Micro Greens in Coconut Coir Plus Recipe Ideas- Tatsoi Salad

If you enjoy having fresh, uncooked vegetables, tatsoi salad may be a good option for you. Mix the spoon mustard with tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. Add your favorite salad dressing or a little vinegar, coconut oil or garlic oil, soya sauce and brown sugar.

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