Treat Infected Skin and Acne Pimples Naturally with Honey and Cinnamon- No Scars

Teenagers and older people are sometimes affected by acne pimples which distract from their appearance. No one is happy about suffering from acne but teenagers appear to be the ones who are affected more. Cinnamon and honey are said to help with this condition by attacking pimples at the root.

For generations, warm cinnamon tea has been paired with honey for various reasons. It is a combination that is known to have medicinal benefits. Healers in many countries around the world have found the two substances to be effective in fighting illnesses. The favor of each of these substances is easily distinguished when they are used in dishes.

Older men and women can develop acne as well due to hormonal fluctuations. There are also other factors that can cause this skin condition. If you have acne, products such as Proactiv can help you. Proactiv is one of the most effective brands when it comes to acne treatment.

However, apart from this brand, there are natural methods you can use to help keep your skin looking good. Most of these involve agents that are readily found in your kitchen. Using remedies such as onions for acne is easy. The only challenge is in making sure that you apply them regularly.

Like onions, cinnamon and honey kill germs that cause infections. This may be why the blend helps pimples to heal without excessive scarring. Acne pimples sometimes become infected, leading to blackheads and other irritating issues. Honey and cinnamon penetrate the skin and aid the immune system in tackling pathogenic microorganisms.

To use this natural remedy for a beautiful face, mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with three tablespoons of honey. Apply the paste to pimples every night before going to bed. Do this every night for fourteen days and it will help your pimples to heal quickly.

You can also apply this paste to skin infections. However, for a fungal infection such as ringworm, you should increase the amount of cinnamon in the mixture. Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey and apply it to the skin. Always speak to your doctor before using this natural remedy, if you are already using some form of medication on your skin, since one may impede the action of the other.

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