2 easy ways to accept money anonymously

Being anonymous is a right. Sometimes you have an ecommerce or selling plan on your website, you want to stay anonymous when receiving money due to many personal reasons.

Here is two ways to accept money anonymously with paypal:

Without 3rd party:

Setup your Account: make sure you setup an business account for that You need to have a business name, email, phone and website (optional) to setup your business account and verify it with your email. There are two type of details you need to provide while setting up business account. Business details and Individual/Owner details. Business details are publicly available while individual/owner details are not, so its important as well as safe to use your actual identity in owner details. Paypal provides a simple signup process but after signup your account does not get verified to receive payments. For this, you have to go for step 2.

Setup Payment: You can add either Visa card, Master Card or your Bank Account. Bank account verification is available in limited countries. You need to add a Prepaid Internet Master Card. The good thing is that Paypal accepts prepaid cards and it is not linked with any bank account so it is safe. Although Paypal only allow withdraw into visa debit or credit card, but the purpose to use Master card is that most of the prepaid cards are mast cards and secondly we do not need to withdraw money directly from this account, instead we shall be using another approach. Once you will link your master card to Paypal, it will conduct a 1 USD transaction and will send a PP CODE in that transaction details. You can see transaction details in the bank statement, online statement and in some cases in the sms you receive from Bank. Once you add that PP Code in the payment setup section, Paypal will approve your account in 24 hours.

Receiving Payment: Once your account is approved, you are good to use it. You can create payment links and send it to your customers for payment. Similarly you can also send proactive invoices or can simply give your paypal registered email address for them to send you payments (email payments only works for paypal to paypal payments). You need to make sure below things while receiving payments:

- Start with small payments and then move on to big payments.
- Avoid same customer making a payment in two transactions using different cards
- Keep a good 2–3 days threshold between two payments

There can be different security reasons due to which you account can get limited but even if it gets limited, you can still refund money to customer and get a payment on a different account.

Withdrawing Payments: To withdraw payments, you should transfer your paypal balance to another Verified non-anonymous paypal account and withdraw from there. This account can either be your other account or it can be of any other account agreed to withdraw on your behalf. Although you can also anonymously withdraw from your current paypal account, but for that you need to add a VISA card which is non-prepaid. Adding non-prepaid visa card will have disadvantage that paypal can withdraw money from it in case of refund.

With 3rd party:

This way is very easy to use 3rd party services and be fully anonymous, one of the best companies that provide this service is exhub company , there are so many pros to use their service but you have to pay about $60 to them, after a few days they give you an email address so you can use it to receive money. They exchange your money automatically to cryptocurrencies and send it to your wallet, in this way you need a cryptocurrency wallet address to withdrawing payments.