What Grinds My Gears

If I am being completely honest, a lot of things annoy me. I mean a lot of things. Most things actually. Luckily though I have been able to combine my annoyance with the world around me with my hobby of writing and at some point it became entertaining — or so I am told.

I discovered satire back in high school. I wrote a cause and effect essay. The cause was that I procrastinated writing the essay, the effect was the essay itself. Although I point blank admitted to writing the essay the night before it was due and that it was shit, my teacher gave me credit for pure creativity. She praised my bullshit skills and gave me a B — although she openly admitted I deserved a D.

After that I began to play around with satire writing on purpose and discovered just how much fun it could be. So here I am. With my complaints and observations of the world around me, and an invisible audience.