15 stone, 15 bloody stone.

The scales mock me as I stepped on them, ever hopeful. I haven’t been this heavy since just after my daughter was born 9 years ago. I got down to 13 stone 10 back in 2013 and 13st 12 in 2014 but no lower. I know this because as one of my many ways of trying to lose weight I have been logging it on the app My Fitness Pal. Logging it doesn’t make you lose weight but the idea was it would maintain focus. Clearly that’s not working out.

The good thing about 15 stone is it’s a trigger point to take action again.

If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

Time to do something different. Lucky it’s the summer so I can be more active. I do this though, get all active for a few days, get back under 15 and then work takes over. Sitting for hours on end on my computer. How can I keep it going this time?

The first thing I am doing different is blogging about it. It’s the first time I’ve told anyone how much I weigh since I was a kid. Telling the world feels extreme but it’s anonymous (except to some special people, hello lovely friends).

The next day we do the day out my daughter has been requesting. Cycling on a bikes only track and swimming. We cycle 6 miles and swim 10 lengths. It’s not a triathlon but I feel good. We finish the day at a healthy restaurant.

The next day is another day out, we spend the whole day walking miles in London. At dinner I say no to the fries and desert (pretty much a first for me). Now I feel positively virtuous. Surely this will nudge the scales.

It does.

2lbs added.