Criticising other people’s buildings is fun!

David, the builder, sent me a photo of a previous job he did so I can see the colour of the wood for my office. This one has a flat roof and mine is going to have an apex roof and vertical wood so it is harder to imagine what it will look like but it does look modern and well constructed. It also doesn’t look charred like I thought it would.

Doesn’t really look burnt at all actually.

I decide to turn to Pinterest. When I am building a new website I create a mood board of colours. Maybe it can work here. Why am I fussing about the colour when there is so much else to work out! Anyway Pinterest and colour is more interesting than the other stuff so in I go.

I created a board of loads of outdoor offices saying what I like and don’t like about each one. Too dark, too light, don’t like the wood, too many colours, looks cheap. Gradually I find things I do like. There are two styles. Red-ish natural wood, and surprisingly to me, black wood with light wood contrast. Maybe I can have the most eco option with the black colour. I make the board private to us and David so I don’t offend anyone with my comments.

Now I have to look at the boring stuff.