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I initially wanted to use Firebase Realtime Database, but Google has surprisingly yet to build the plug-ins for Flutter web. As such, I had no other choice but to use Firestore, which worked out pretty well.
He also directed the highly underrated action movie Apocalypto about a young Mayan hunter who has to escape being sacrificed and make it back to his family. It’s a harrowing and gruesome look at a dying civilization.
Gadeken’s installation is very much in line with his creative ethos: making interactive public artworks that “reimagine the world ‘post-nature.’” Having worked in the Bay Area for more than 25 years, the mixed-media artist — who is responsible for other notable local public art installations, like SquaredSF in Hayes Valley (2018–2019) and Crash at Hotel Zephyr, and is also an electrical engineer by trade — uses an array of LEDs and hydraulics to bring his works to life in jaw-dropping forms. Gadeken has also shown his works at past Burning Man and Coachella festivals.Entwined is expected to present a certain “whimsical wonderland” component to the park, where visitors can explore neon-lit paths, rest under a grove of three tall (and illuminated) canopies, and, even if just for a moment, forget about the societal murk of the past 10 or so months.I waited on line with friends, overnight for nearly 25 hours, to score tickets for the first midnight show at Hollywood’s then-Mann’s Chinese Theater. It was a party, really.


Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps.

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