Panel 2 report

Summary: Jake

Jake Fleisher from Blink UX discussed his ideation and visualization techniques and stated that sketching and broad visualizations are what he looks for to complete his tasks. He stated by focusing on the broad picture it helped him narrow down through focusing on design and user inputs what he would focus on for his idea. He stated that his team created a design for a hands-free kitchen sink/faucet. I found this process very interesting, and it made me think about other hands-free faucets out their like those in Dentists offices and so forth.

Summary: Katie

Katie Derthick is a UW PHD student, she focused on aspects such as mindfulness, Buddhism, meditation, teaching, research, and so forth. She really hammered down that as a UX person it is critical to make the person using the product to understand and relate to it as how the person in charge of it would. This philosophy is not only golden for product design but design of a variety of things like governmental policy and so forth. She focused on branching out her ideas using post-it notes, and continues that method with a lot of the things she was involved with.

What I learned

I think from this panel discussion I gained that ideation, getting ideas down on sticky notes, and branching out your sketches to promote creativity instead of limiting it is what I gained. I will focus on keeping my sketches broad and ensuring that I look at all components of the problem I am attempting to solve, this way I will be a better designer and find more intuitive solutions to the challenges that are presented. In addition, I will try to incorporate what Katie stated as to making sure the design is something that the user would understand and relatable, that is crux of UX.

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