Personal Branding: About Me

Recently, my strategic writing class discussed the importance of personal branding. Sure, you can have a resumé and cover letter, but personal websites have become crucial to giving potential employers an insight into who you really are.

At first, I was frustrated. Why did I need another page? Wasn’t my LinkedIn enough? However, as the lesson went on, my teacher started making more sense. Yeah, you can probably learn a few things from the standard documents. But a website highlighting more personal characteristics can really give a bystander an insight into the type of person that you are.

After a few trials (and errors), here is what I learnt about creating an effective “About Me” page.

Don’t be too professional.

You most likely will cover your professional bases in your cover letter and resume. So, take this opportunity to be more casual and talk about your characteristics — something that a cover letter won’t tell you. As I watched my classmates present, I started to understand the type of language that makes a candidate stand out, which brings me to my next point…

Be descriptive.

Write in a way that will let others picture and understand exactly how you feel. One of my classmates talked about how she loved “drinking hazelnut coffee next to a burning vanilla candle.” It set up a nice picture in my head, and I was able to gague a better understanding of who she is as a whole.

Pitch yourself.

Talk about what makes you stand out, and invite the opportunity to further connect. Be informal, but charming!

Here is my final “About Me” page. I think that it conveys who I am outside of the standard cover letter and resume.

Hi, I’m Biz Cozine.


Although my pipe dream of being a pop star didn’t pan out (quite literally — I was rejected from a talent agency at the ripe age of 11), I’ve found a niche in the world of communications through my concise writing and my ability to connect with others.

I do my work with my whole heart and with a big smile, and have always prided myself in making it work, regardless of the challenges thrown my way. I am an optimistic go-getter with extensive international experience and an unending curiosity for learning more about the people and places that surround me.

Appreciative of advice and criticism, I am always looking to make new friends. Let’s get together over coffee, on the phone, or over any type of ethnic cuisine. You name the time and place!


· I was born in Paris, lived in London, and studied abroad in Florence. Now I attend Elon University, located in a small town in North Carolina.

· I know more useless information about pop culture than I know what to do with. In fact, my friends come to me when they can’t figure out “what else that actor has been in.”

· I am a foodie — a passionate lover of sandwiches, sushi, and bagels. Unfortunately, I am a terrible chef.

· A perfectionist at heart, I will not rest until my entire closet is color-coded.