Four Cool Things About Java

It’s JavaOne time here in the San Francisco area and though I’m not at the conference, I’ve been following all the news.

I started to reflect on what I enjoyed about the Java ecosystem and what things I’d mention to someone who didn’t know Java to make them consider learning the language.

NASA uses it.

Some of the notable projects are the online simulator for the Mars rovers and NASA World Wind. World Wind is an virtual globe that can display satellite imagery from NASA and USGS. (United States Geological Survey)

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech


Spanning phones, tablets, wearables, TVs, Auto, and VR, 
Android powers over 1.4 BILLION devices worldwide and Java is the most popular language used to create Android apps and experiences.

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You can create art with Processing

Processing is a language for electronic and new media art that is friendly to non-programmers and beginners. In addition to making digital art, Processing can interface with Arduino microcontrollers to create physical art.

Penrose snowflake fractal

You can code in more than just Java

Java code runs on the Java Virtual Machine(JVM), an abstract machine that interprets code. The JVM specification allows both new languages like Groovy, Kotlin, and Scala as well as JVM implementations of existing languages like Rhino(JavaScript), JRuby(Ruby) and Jython(Python) to run on the JVM.

So even if Java isn’t exactly your cup of tea, there’s probably a language you’ll love that runs on the JVM.

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