Depression is an exhausting illness characterized by feelings of despair, gloominess, and hopelessness. In turn depression can lead to being unable to cope, both mentally and physically, through severe tiredness and inability to concentrate. Regrettably there are many sufferers who strive to carry on, but without treatment depression can last for months or even years.

Consistent angry or hostile attitude, especially when alternating between tearful, sad moods, Uncharacteristic withdrawal from family and friends; socially isolating one’s self, Feeling worthless, guilty, useless, the reason for everyone’s problems, Agitated state of mind, often restless and sometimes aggressive, Disinterest in activities that were once enjoyed, Hyposomnia or insomnia, Thinking or talking about death and suicide, Engaging in risky behaviors such as drug and/or alcohol addiction, prostitution, gambling , Anorexia, bulimia or overeating. These are ALL the common things people who are depressed experience or go through.

Freedom from misery and depression involves rupturing that identification. There is a dual reality: 1) you are who you are and 2) you experience all sorts of incidents in your life that have nothing whatsoever to do with who you are. Having an embodied, innate awareness of that truth is the definitive cure for depression.

Core beliefs are found at the center of everyones depression and can be thought of as nuggets of self-hatred. They develop in the aftermath of experiences that you think define who you are. In short, all your mental anguish is caused by identification with experience. As an example, think of what happens when a child is raised by psychologically unbalanced, alcoholic parents. They elect to spend their time going out drinking rather than raising their child. As a result of that experience the child comes to understand “they rebuff me because I’ m unlovable”. But the actual source for the rejection is that the parents don’t have the necessary emotional understanding to parent a child, nor the desire to develop them. When experience is misinterpreted and taken personally, a core belief evolves: “This experience means I am?”

Depression can have a profound affect on everything and everyone surrounding those that suffer from it, their work, and those close to them, especially friends and family. In our work like there are decisions that would be hard to make, and your production slowed and at home interest in activities would be diminished with family unable to share enjoyable moments. It is difficult for someone with depression to show affection for another therefore, there is diminished sexual activity. Those suffering from depression will also avoid friends and social gatherings, and lose interest in hobbies. The effects of depression can be quite devastating to the individual and all those around that individual.

Probably the most significant component of depression, if not all of it, is the feeling that you don’t have control over what is happening in your world. It has been shown that making animals powerless to change their world automatically makes them depressed. The sad feeling comes from the idea that you will never be able to improve your situation, whatever it is. There is no hope for you.

Now onto How to get rid of Depression and Anxiety FOREVER

The problem with all the people being depressed is NOBODY does anything about it, nobody takes that footstep towards helping themselves or someone they know suffering from depression. Depression is serious, some people cope with methods I don’t even want to mention here. I have had depression for many years, I came from a dysfunctional family. I have done things I wouldn’t even admit here.

I took my first STEP and went online and wanted to buy self help books for depression and low self esteem. Mind you this was many years after I tried all the prescriptions probably most of you have tried if you ever have went and got your depression treated by a physician. None the less, I don’t tend to spend money on something I don’t trust, or know that works. So I was on the many depression forums, eBook review sites, etc and came across the book that helped me control my REALITY, learn how to overcome self esteem issues, and completely learn how to get rid of depression on your own. LEARN,

How to Deal with Anxiety
“Does depression ever go away
  • Exactly what depression is, how it takes control over your life and why it is so different from a simple case of the “blues”.
  • What causes depression and why it continues to persist in your life
  • How to decode your own, unique pattern of symptoms
  • A step-by-step treatment plan that will work to free you from a lifetime of negative thinking and self blame.
  • How you can regain your energy, restore your self confidence and rediscover your passion for life
  • A simple test to find out whether you’re depressed and learn when you should seek medical help for your depression
  • How mindfulness can shift your attention from depression to happiness.
  • Greater clarity of mind so you can think clearly, make decisions more easily and be in control of your life.
  • Which drugs, herbs and treatments really work… and which have harmful side-effects that you should always avoid
  • How you can stop the “monkey mind” in its tracks, regain your focus and rediscover your concentration
  • Why focusing on depression only makes it worse… and the simple trick you can do instead.
  • How to ensure depression — and all its symptoms — will not return.

For many people anxiety is a problem that is difficult to overcome, but if you know how to deal with the issues that are causing you to worry, then it should be easier for you to manage the situation. The following method will show you how to avoid the situations in your life that cause you to feel anxious.

Second, let yourself off the hook. Seriously. I am going to go all zen on you and just tell you “it is what it is”. It really doesn’t matter how or why you have an anxiety disorder. You have it. (wait — exception here if you have a phobia. If you have an irrational fear of something it can be really helpful to find out why you are afraid…then a professional can help you fix that!) Let yourself off the hook. Would you be all judgmental if you had multiple sclerosis? No. This is the same. Likely even if you get over your initial bout of anxiety and learn to manage it well, you may find that your symptoms of anxiety may resurface at different times of your life (often when you least expect it). You are going to have to love yourself without judgement and except “today I am nervous. It is what it is. I got through it before, I’ll get through it again”.

How To Deal With Anxiety
How To Deal With Anxiety

I’ve recommended this before, and I’m recommending it again because it destroyed my anxiety disorder, and gave me a social-able life I never had growing up! I use to be that kid with no friends, for what felt like forever I felt like I have NO ONE in my life, besides family, seriously! Now I’m not exactly popular but I am who I am, I have friends, a fiance, a child, a job, MY LIFE. I have no problem making people laugh, or acting out of my comfort zone, I’m HAPPY, and FREE.

Anyways, mindfulness is the depression and anxiety impact factor! Mentioned above if you’re still reading, and in this article (CLICK) This book DOES work people, I’m not preaching it here. Combined with the above book the depression and anxiety impact factor COMPLETELY takes you back to reality, allows you to understand that the past is the past, and it’s about where we are NOW. Stop saying I want to get rid of my anxiety and depression and just do it already!

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